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ban appeal
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~ Steam name:the_doom_bringer

~ Steam ID: (Type status in console within gmod to find) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255829323/
~ Game mode:DarkRP
~ RP Name: (if applicable)(i cant remember it its been like a year now)

~ Ban Reason:mass attempting to bypass current/existing ban
~ Banned by:it dosnt say
~ Length of ban:permanent
~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be unbanned - NOT your ban screen ):i was really new to dark rp at this time

~ Reason you want to be unbanned: im much better and more experienced now and wish to be un banned so i can continue playing in a good server

You'll need to provide all of your Steam IDs since they'll all be permabanned

[Image: LogoV3.png]

This means that one of the two happened;

A. You tried to log into our server with the same game files as a banned user
B. You tried to log into our server when you have a family shared/normal account that has been banned.

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