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TTT - Hunter Appeal

~ Steam name: Hunterbonx

~ Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:81663072

~ Game mode: TTT

~ Ban Reason: Mass RDM, apparently.

~ Banned by: Dusk, apparently?

~ Length of ban: My whole life, man!

~ Your Evidence ( that proves you're innocent / should be unbanned - NOT your ban screen ): Well I dont even remember the circumstances on which I was banned, if I was actually told or shown why I might legit have a reason as to why I should be unbanned. Please show me logs or a video or something, would be nice tbh.

~ Reason you want to be unbanned:
Well I still play TTT, everyone once in a while with mates from steam, would be good to have Poseidon as a choice to join instead of you know, being permed. In the case that I did Mass RDM, why am I getting permed without warning, instead of a talk to, or an interrogation? This is TTT, where rdming is literally like the most easiest thing to do and its pretty obvious when its done on purpose. Where is my fair trial instead of trying to join and hit with this mad ban hammer cause some recently promoted staff member wants to show his godlike server powers to his friends. Let me play this game. Thank you.


OT: +1 like the fuck hunter is one of the most trustworthy people on Poseidon to date, he wouldn't blatantly rdm on TTT

+1 did fucking nothing wrong

L 05/28/2018 - 22:04:10: 00:26.31 - DMG: Hunterbonx [innocent] damaged Jaymo [innocent] for 148 dmg
L 05/28/2018 - 22:04:10: 00:26.31 - KILL: Hunterbonx [innocent] killed Jaymo [innocent]
L 05/28/2018 - 22:04:24: 00:39.74 - DMG: Hunterbonx [innocent] damaged Dusk [innocent] for 148 dmg
L 05/28/2018 - 22:04:24: 00:39.74 - KILL: Hunterbonx [innocent] killed Dusk [innocent]

Looks like you rdmed two people since this doesn't warrant a ban for mass rdm let alone a perm ban, I'm going to remove the ban.
Forum mod pls lock and move thread

Listen mate, I don't go around banning people for 'Mass RDM' for no reason. Unfortunately logs for May are not longer available but I recall coming onto the server and saying ALOT of red logs from you. I think you killed and tried to kill around 3-4 different people for no reason (including myself) so I banned you on the spot to prevent further complications.

Sorry bud but I expect when players come onto the server to at least know not to treat the game like a TDM.

Considering logs are shit and you made the appeal and are apparently 'trustworthy' within the Poseidon community I am fine with you being unbanned.


He was unbanned

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