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Hey Everyone!

Hey! I'm "thirtyeightcs" and I've recently joined the Poseidon Server's TTT Server, but I have played on the Poseidon Servers on and off for a good year or so, I've basically just joined the forums and am making this introduction because I want to be a part of the community here and get to know all of you.

Heres a little bit about me:
I recently started getting back into PC gaming after a long break, but before that I was an active member on Invex Gaming, a CSGO Gaming Community, similar to Poseidon, I've come back to Garry's Mod after around 4 or so years playing on and off on different accounts, and am happy to be back, renewing my TTT addiction and learning from scratch again.

I used to play Finest Gaming TTT back in 2014 and it was where I first got hooked on TTT.

I've been a staff member on various gaming communities and servers and am excited to get to know a lot of you, and have already met many of you.

Lastly I am excited to become a member of this community and hope to see you guys soon!

welcome buddy

Welcome matey

Hope to see you around (in ttt)

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Welcome to the forums my fellow TTT player

[Image: giphy.gif]

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run while higashi is still a user

Hope you survive my dude all the best

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monkey is the best person ever hehe. monkey is bae <333333

(06-18-2018, 09:34 AM)Jamie Wrote: run while higashi is still a user

Inb4 im manager

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