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Admin Application Template

[Image: 9QYMAJ9.png]

When applying for the position of Admin you must be formal and responsible; any jokes or actions that show that you don't take the application seriously puts your application at risk of being denied on the spot. Do NOT go and get your friends to +1 you, unless they have a proper reason. The more effort you put into this application the more effort we put into reading it and clarifying it. Please, if you get denied for a reason don't get offended as we are trying to keep a high caliber of staff for our servers.

When you apply for Admin, you must understand that you are applying not only for the Admin rank but you are applying to represent Poseidon Servers; you are the formal face of these servers. Everything you do represents other staff members, so if we decide that you can't represent the staff properly and are denied for it, please don't be hurt just go and strive to do better and apply again. You don't always win on the first try.

Note: this application can take up to 52 weeks to clarify.

[Pre Requisites]

~You must be a likable person.
~You must have played for a minimum of 12 hours on Poseidon's Cinema server.
~You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations.
~You must understand the chain of command.
~You must understand that you may not get Admin.
~You must understand the rules of Cinema, and be impartial in your evaluation of players video choices and interactions


~ Steam name: 
~ Steam ID: 
~ Steam profile link: 
~ Have you donated?: 
~ Do you have experience with Cinema?: 
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: 
~ Age: 

~ Short description on yourself:
[Insert a description of yourself here, at least 50 words]
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