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My time has come, Thank you. :)

Reminder: Tyger is the greatest good we're ever gonna get.
God bless you, you're the best <3
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It was always nice to play with someone on csgo that was a gmod manager for poseidon. Ye did some much for poseidon for the past 4 years man, gonna miss ya.
Lets play some csgo later on man, you prob win cuz i am in a sling.

tyler best dude Poseidon hands down

so many good memories with ya and bad
wish ya luck on whatever you do next
Don’t really care about you leaving the administritive team on Poseidon , they don’t deserve you anyways.

fuck you

It's been a great run with you dad, won't forget the days when we would both minge on darkRP back during the good ol' user days
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He messed up my username, 4133 cmon man wtf.

Wait, who's Tyger? I literally just started playing again 2 month's ago...?

(06-19-2018, 10:34 PM)TerrestrialOcean Wrote: Wait, who's Tyger? I literally just started playing again 2 month's ago...?

You don’t need to worry it’s not like he’s one of the biggest figures of Poseidon. If you take a look to the left and to the right you will see his work (he may be back Wink).

[Image: Rahj_Sig_V2.png]

There's a Minecraft Server??!!!!
*Activates fake squeaker voice and activates mass trolling/minging capabilities*
"12'ees, you cannot hide, i'll take you in your fake pixelated fantasy world"

This sounds like a scary movie.

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