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Combat medics?

Just a thought, but what about a job or sub-job for doctors where they can be hired by gangs or pd as a private medic. I know this goes against the rules of no healing in combat and no privately assigned doctors 
but im just castin my pearls

Walk into an Event like
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100% no on this one, it would be way too incredibly overpowered. Combat healing is banned for a reason, it presents such an unfair challenge for the raider/defender. If I was in my base with killholes, I could hire a medic and just keep popping open the holes, shooting, healing and repeat, the raider wouldn't have a chance.

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-1 lol fuck no, its against the rules.

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(05-18-2018, 02:08 PM)Blue Admiral Wrote: -1 lol fuck no, its against the rules.

I assume in this case it would no longer be against the rules lol

I think it would be too OP tho

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