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[SUGGESTIONS] - Minor Additions V2

Didn't realise last thread gone from forums dieding, but I ended up finding a superior police model that @Bat will definitely like.

Police Models (22MB) | Click me.

So again I'm pushing for this because current ones are kinda old and boring now, last time I recommended the GTA V playermodel pack but I feel this addon is vastly superior. It uses HL2 faces so plenty of variety in male or female officers, customisable body armour, vests, gas masks, helmets, caps, shades and fitting for the sickness update, a face mask.  Originally designed for Evocity but you really can't see anything related to that map on the model, not that that matters. It would provide a fresh look for the police with a heap more variety compared to current models, and actually a bit more realistic with how current officers look. The bodygroups are a huge bonus and a player can customise the look they want to go for, from a light patrol to a heavy raid. The only major con is the 22MB file size, but IMO a worthy trade off. Click the spoiler below to view further images and options.

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Staff on Duty Models (3MB) | Click me.

Pleaseeeee we need alien boye, 3MB is definitely worth it for this. We already talked about this on the last post but I mean it's cool as fuck.

[Image: ?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-forma...olor=black]

[Image: LogoV3.png]

+1 I like fallout alien

[Image: Zero_Sig_V1.png]

+1 would like to play as the alien and also add some more thief skins mang.

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The police models look quite nice, as you say the size is a bit of a con (our current ones are half the size). Depending on how detailed the materials are I could compress the textures. But I'm guessing since there's so much model variation it's probably the models that take up the majority of the size. However, it's a big plus having female cop models as we've never had any before. I'll definitely have a look at them.

[Image: 0NDIHeb.gif]
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+1 to both

i to would liketo be alien

Cop models look very nice, +1

[Image: 3wN9VQ7.png]

We went through and cut it down a bit. Uncompressed it was like 250 mb (how it compressed to 20mb i dunno), we've got it down to about 75 mb (uncompressed) by removing some variations (gas masks and long sleeve playermodels) and some playermodels in general.

[Image: 0NDIHeb.gif]

Both of these have been added.

[Image: 0NDIHeb.gif]
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