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Kenkyusha Masaki Trusted Application

~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names)
Alpha The Magical Marshmallow

Kenkyusha Masaki

~Steam Profile link:
~Any Donations?
Yes, 10+ for DarkRP
~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words]
My first reason on why I want to become trusted, Is that I've been on this server for a long ass time. since 2016. Because of that I believe that it my time to get my ass into gear and start helping out the wonderful staff members on this server. I feel as a old veteran on this server. It's my duty to help enforce the rules on this server.
My second reason is that I want to create master pieces on this server. Then duping the buildings and show the others players on what I have created. However I dont want to become trusted for the tools, I want to become a trusted not to just use the tools. But to help out the server in the time of need when no staff members are on.

~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words]
If I do become trusted, I would go crazy on building anything and everything then duping them. However, during the early times on the server or the late times of it. I will be enforcing the rules of the server down onto the players that wish to break them.
~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No]
Yes, Of course I agree to use the tools and the commands properly. And I fully understand the consequences of abusing those powers

+1 Kenkyusha is a great player. They RP a lot and they aren't afraid to speak their mind when something is wrong. I have played with him a lot, he follows to rules and helps out where he can. He also takes hits on Lenny.

+1 holy shit yeah.

DarkRP: Moderator 
Name: Admiral Thrawn

+1 Your building skills are pretty much why you should be trusted in the first place. Besides building, you seem to be a good player that adheres to the rules, best of luck man!

[Image: LogoV3.png]

+1, good guy, knows the rules, an old ass player, and needs the building tools.

I'm a King


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