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Forbidden_gods-darkrp -mod App

RPname: Newt_Sharpiee
Steam url: 
Age: I am currently 22
Why would you make a good staff member?: To begin with I'm not much different from every other person trying to get the position, I just want to help make Pos Dark Rp a better place, If there is something I can help with I'd like todo so with any means possible. Like I said I just want to help out and make it a fun place for other's.

Any experience with commands?: Ofcourse, I know most commands 

Any staffing experience in general?: Yes, I'm currently a staff member (Mod) in Pos TTT server.

Have you read, and do you agree to the prerequisites?: Ofcourse I agree, I wouldn't be applying if I didn't

A little about you: Well I'm a father of one little munchkin (Freakys apprentice jedi) Love spending my time on the pos server's only for the fact everyones bloody awesome and are easy to get along with.

Favourite in-game class/job: I love a police officer its got to be one of the best
Favourite game: Garry's mod man. nothing beats it
Hobbies: Gaming, Work, and reading I suppose

Note: I'm on for about 5-6 hours a day monday to sunday 

Thankyou for taking the time into reading my app. best regards Zachary.

-1 sorry man but you only have 15 hours of play time on the server

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A bit more playtime is usually expected from applicants, and although gametracker can be wrong, so please correct me if so, it appears that you only have 15 hours on the server. I'd recommend spending a bit more time online so staff members and the community can get to know you a bit better, and leave valuable feedback on your application. I believe I also saw you online a little bit earlier this evening, and from my experience, you weren't the most pleasant to play with, and were associating with others who were minging, RDMing, and just generally being a nuisance at the time.

For now, I'll leave a -1, although I hope that I can change this in the future.

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hey fellow ttt mod
get a bit more time on the server buddy then re-apply until then goodluck / neutral

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Other names: RapidPunch, Justin Starke
Credit: Hinzy

Sorry for the late reply but that must be wrong I spend at least 3-4 hours a day on the Dark Rp server, There are some people that can clarify that and to what you said yuni about hanging with people that were Rdming I was calming the situation as no one with power's was on at the time of the incident so I went on to speak to them and did end up calming the situation at the time yes it seems I may have been 'hanging' with them but I was not honestly I understand from your point of view it seems that way but it wasn't, and back about the hour's I'm more then sure ive clocked at least 70 hours plus by now with the time I spend on that said server.

TTT: Moderator

(05-18-2018, 04:09 PM)forbidden_God Wrote: -snip-

Gametracker can be out sometimes, try posting an in-game screenshot of the time counter instead if you feel you have more hours

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Netural, I really don't see you all that often, but I'm also yet to see you break a rule...

Dark RP Name: Vera Rixon 
Dark RP Rank: Moderator

It's not nazism if there's a panda...

(05-18-2018, 04:38 PM)Vera Rixon Wrote: Netural, I really don't see you all that often, but I'm also yet to see you break a rule...

Congratulations, you win a free education right here for being the first person to not listen to the wisdom within this thread right here

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Sorry if it seemed like I was coming off rude toward's anyone I'll make sure to post the screenshot and listen to everyone's words
Best Regards Zachary

I mean it might be a bit early, but there's no reason he can't keep this app up until he's more well-known. If you make an impression people will change their tune quickly.

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