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Application for Moderator

RPname: Autumn Briggs

Steam url: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032258369/
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:35996320
Age: 18

Why would you make a good staff member?: Pretty level headed individual, got lots of free time to play the game, about to go on a TV quiz show for smart people, so im pretty calm in stressful situations, can't say i have a soft spot for RDM'ers/general annoyances so i can be strict when i want to but normally pretty humorous and down to have a good time, attempting to become a psychologist in the future so i can pretty much read peoples minds in the server.
Any experience with commands?: As mentioned below i did admin a server on CS:Source so i can pick up console commands pretty quickly

Any staffing experience in general?: I was admin on a CS:Source minigames server for about a year so i have experience dealing with rule breakers.

Have you read, and do you agree to the prerequisites?: I have and i do

Favourite in-game class/job: Gotta be a hitman, its good fun and i can make some great friends doing it

Favourite game: Ever? Gotta be Kingdom Hearts franchise, currently would be PUBG or WoW

Hobbies: Parties, gaming, University, Eating parmigianas at pubs
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Hi, for staff positions we typically look for players who have played on the server for over a month, currently you have just under a week according to Gametracker (although I understand it can be off so correct me if I'm wrong). The reason that we look for this high playtime is to ensure that you have a sound knowledge of the rules and the community can see how you are as a player and provide feedback. So while your application isn't too bad compared to some others, I'd recommend trying again a bit later since it's just a tad too early currently. In the meantime however, I'd suggest working on getting your in-game hours up, becoming known in the community for good reasons, and helping out players both in OOC chat or just in general, especially new players. Another thing to consider if you aren't already, it's not a requirement to be Trusted prior to applying for staff, but it does help. You'll be able to view feedback (both good and bad) and working on that to ensure you have a better chance to get accepted for moderator. Best of luck dude!

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I did used to play a bit ages ago, i was also super involved on the starwars rp server. But i understand dw fam