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Morph's Trusted Application
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Steam Profile Name

Steam ID

StarWars RP Name
4880 SSGT Morph


Personal Description

I am 18 Years Old, I work as an IT Technician in Hervey Bay, 
I have Played Star Wars RP for about 7 Weeks Now.
I have a Total of 2 Days and 20 Hours Total Playtime on the server.
 am a Currently a Staff Seargent in the 327th Star Corps Regiment.

Why do i want this Rank?

I would like to receive the rank of Trusted as i often will help other regiment members build defences and other RP related Structures throughout my time playing. 
I would also like to be able to help my regiment out in tryout's and training to help make everything run smoothly and give ides of ways to improve both these area's with different training/tryout structures. 
I also would like to receive this rank so i can help out in events when needed and be able to perform in RP in a more immersive role. 

Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly?

Yes I do agree with utmost integrity that I will use these tools properly and as they are intended to be used. I also agree that if I do not use these tools properly that they will be removed from me. 


If you like my Application give me a +1 

< 4880 SSGT Morph >

Im going to be neutral to this, i havent really seen you on much lately infact the only 327th member ive seen is john. I will however +1 the structure of your application, does stand out and is quite appealing.
Suggestion: try to come on abit more and if possible and honestly just keep doing what you do. Because other than that ive never really seen you minge or anything but inactivity is the only thing stopping my neutral from being a +1

CPT 5th Fleet


There are a couple big gaps in your activity (judging by your gametracker) by when I see you on you are a pretty decent person.
If you can keep up activity +1

[Image: Zero_Sig_V1.png]


< 4880 SSGT Morph >

+1 great lad doesn't mess around and does his job
MJR Arrulus Medcorps.


< 4880 SSGT Morph >

Unfortunately your trusted application was denied! No Activity

Manager | Developer | ZS ('16-)
Manager | Developer | CWRP ('18-)
Admin | CWRP ('15-'16)

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