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We are currently interested in the possibility of a player purchasing the entirety of the company for a negotiable amount. Current investors need not stress, we are not ditching you and stealing your money, this is simply a change in management. This would be an excellent investment for a player who is sick of generic money making strategies such as raiding or farming Bitminers, and something that has zero risk of being stolen.

Aegis Corporation is an investment firm that currently holds over $15,000,000 of client funds, using the money to invest or seek alternative strategies to deliver a profit for our investors. These funds are divided into shares, currently at 150,000 owned with zero available, with the share price at $105. With the current share price, these stocks are valued at $15,750,000, with profits predicted to rise. In terms of the sale, we are currently interested in serious offers above $9,000,000. This is an absolute steal of a price considering in this first week alone, we've made $10,145,000 in profit after our expenses. The company itself might seem like a lot of work, but in reality, it's fairly easy to manage due to the fact that both myself and Fryer have been working on this idea for over a month. At most, it requires a bit of time to work out the essentials, such as receipts, profits etc. Anything extra we currently work out, like projected profits, stock history etc. is all optional.

Please PM me either through the forums or via Steam if you have a serious offer, or if you are enquiring about further information. Further details and company information is located here.

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