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It's that time again

When did poseidon turn in to big brother
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uhh yin has the low IQ dumb dumb idot

(05-16-2018, 06:28 PM)Freaky Wrote: It's funny 90% of the people who want Yin banned aren't even apart of this community, Stop being sheep smh you look like cowards with no spine at all lmao

also whats with this high percentage? unless the 90% means TTT (I haven't been paying the slightest bit of attention) then thats stupid. Also yin was dumb on basically any server  he goes onto

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Here's just my two cents on this whole situation, actually, most drama related situations too because lets be honest, it's all very similar (not contextually but structurally). Now before you say you don't know what has happened, this is just a general thing for all of us... It's pretty much why all this shit happens the way it does and why it never ends..

I'm not going to bother trying to understand what's happening and start some CSI investigation to work out whose lying and who has messed up. Though, here is what really interests me and confuses me.

1. The owners of Poseidon are arguing a point to their own staff members, the people they hired for the position. Now I know you're probably thinking it's fine but when two parties of power are arguing it gets really confusing and it would make sense to hire people with alike mindsets so you don't have to argue your point. It looks unprofessional and just adds to the flame.

2. We have rules for a reason, they are there to ensure the justice and safety of every member of the community. Now what really bothers me is how quite a few people bend those rules to their own liking. If Poseidon were a movie, the main theme would be 'BIAS' (obvious reasons). If the rules say that this rule DOES NOT apply to your friends or can be bent to your discretion then by all means lets go ballistic. Although sadly, it does not and if we as a community cannot follow simply rules that WE also CREATED for our personal benefit then why even have a community in the first place. Everyone is trying to be a saint and say no that's not correct! and trying to pick on every little thing even if it doesn't regard the rules, though we shouldn't look at each-other for answers we should look at the oath we all make to follow rules and basic morals. It's not a hard concept to grasp... seriously.

3. Due to all of our differences and everyone being so opinionated we all argue and try to attack each-other. I'll be honest I have seen so many people just attacking others for no reason, it's like we can't be ourselves anymore? We have to live up to that expectation of being a hard cunt who doesn't give a fuck about anyone's feelings... If we were to scale the positive and negative aspects of poseidon, the negative would end would break the scale... Take a look at all these posts we create deliberately starting shit, attacking one another... It's an endless cycle of negativity and no one knows how to stop it because it's the identity we've all taken on.

4. No one knows when to stop... This is a big one to be honest. It has been mentioned so many fucking times but no one gets it, try to resolve things and move on. Stop the constant shit-fest because it makes you feel better, I guarantee owning up for what you may have done than trying to lie your way out of it will make you feel better and it will teach you your limits on when ENOUGH, is ENOUGH. We have forum mods for a reasons, yet we let these kind of posts get out of hand because the forum mods and whoever else has power wants to see what happens and is intrigued by the negativity and then feeds off of it and posts more flaming comments.

5. Bias, now I know i've discussed this above but this is honestly the theme of Poseidon. I can't stress enough at how many times we let ourselves give in to such stupid decisions because "I dont wanna dog him!", "I like him better!", "HE KILLED ME 3 TIMES ON THIS SO ILL GET HIM BACK WHERE I HAVE POWER!"... Like come on grow the fuck up, stop trying to cross-drama over from one thing to another, and learn to say NO. What makes a leader is someone who is not only a great role-model and inspiration, but someone who knows when to say no and is able to deal with the repercussions one may give them (friends, ones you are biased towards).

6. This isn't really related but, the people who once had ranks or used to play in this community, if you're done (quit/resigned from poseidon), you're done. Don't come back to start shit with others and rival it up. It's really not funny and it's honestly so immature and stupid. What is the point of coming back just to start shit, do you not have other things better to do? It's annoying and pointless.

There are actually more things I would like to touch up on and I want to re-structure this post but I don't have time atm and you should get the idea. We need to stop this, resolve it and stop the constant cycle of it. Like can you not tell that this drama is a cycle? This is because of the above reasons, bias, not knowing when to stop, not following the rules (resolving things when you can), constant negativity, poor staff decisions and problematic people coming back because they cannot control the urge to stay away.

Like I'll admit, we can all have some good times together but this is the shit that kills it, the poison we die off as a community. I guarantee if we were minimise the negativity we have, Poseidon would be a much more better place for everyone.

Rahj Wrote:4. No one knows when to stop...  

I know when to stop.
At the red light silly

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When I really wish Rahj's post wasnt in shitposting
He's exactly right tbh
In every sense

This is why I love Rahj so much