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Requested ban appeal, moderator accepted it and never unbanned me.
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Quite some time ago (months) i was banned on the dark rp server by the console. I was using the swep tool that the thief role comes with, and i was climbing around in spawn and jumping off walls when all of a sudden i was banned by the console permanently with no reason stated. I posted to here and a moderator quickly said that it was a mistake with the console and they would unban me, however he/she never did and so a week or so later i posted again to which someone recommended i dm the moderator, which i did but never got a reply. So i would like for someone to review and hopefully remove my ban. Please ask if there is anything you need me to clarify.

This server was my favorite gmod server and i had easily up to 70 hours on it, I would love to come back to it.

By the way i can no longer find my old post or even access my old account on these forums, I think it is likely that the forums have done a wipe, which is what i suspect because if you go to the member tabs everyone on there has been active from at least this year, or something along those lines.

My steam name: Rustybits
My steam ID: STEAM_1:0:166880707
Game Type: DarkRP
Rp Name: Billybob Jenkins

Ban reason: literally says none given
Banned by: console
Ban length: Permanent

+1 i suppose if there was no reason then you should be unbanned.

im sure bat (the manager of darkrp) will have a looksy and hopefully you're correct about what happened ages ago

gl Smile

+1 my mans been waiting for too long

SWRP: SSGT 4352 Bait (Green Company)
Rank: Moderator

Jailbreak: Ex-Administrator

+1 if it was just climb swep which banned ya

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DarkRP Developer

I love you billy

I’m gonna lock since a staff member commented saying you got unbanned, however I’ll leave this In ban appeals still incase @Bat or @Tyger wants to reopen
Thread Closed  This thread is locked.