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Poll: Join SIS?
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9 81.82%
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So what would be required for SIS to come back, how many players would we need. Also if in the hypothetical situation that SIS comes back, i would like to know how many people would join from existing regiments, so vote above if you would

I would join if I were the commander of it ;P but I feel like it should be a sub branch of 5th or navy

Senior Commander Cody
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At this current stage SIS is not something that will be implemented soon. At this current time we need to ensure we have 'healthy' numbers in regiments, and as of current that isn't the case. I'll leave this for discussion by others but as I current say there will be no SIS for now. Until the player base increases to 'need' another regiment this will not happen.

my days of being sis are too long gone to go back

Walk into an Event like
[Image: 0*IWeaR42P-UtylMrq.gif]
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Personally, I don't see this working out at all until 5th fleet can step up their game. 5th Fleet right now seems like a Joke. 
Not only have I been a massive decline in activity from the majority of 5th Fleet members and they know who they are
when I say this but there are some within the regiment who seem to minge more than they RP.

5th Fleet Security now is only an empty shell of what it use to be.
They use to be super serious and treated their roles as ship security
like it was a job they could easily get fired from if they screwed up once.

Another reason I don't think it's a good idea is the lack of players to fit in yet another Regiment.
SIS is a affiliation from the Old Republic, disbanded hundreds of years ago.

I don't see the current state of 5th Fleet as healthy. I actually think 442nd would be better at the rate things in 5th are going.
Things to work on:
- Activity
- Roleplay
- Recruitment (less minges more trust worthy players)

The captains and above are able to request from staff to do bunk inspections and other RP.
If you guys feel like something is ruining your fun or enjoyment on the server let us know, we simply can't fix issues we don't know about.
You guys as the community are our highest priority, there is always room for suggestions and feedback.
You might not enjoy all of the decisions we make but some of them like disbanding Regiments are there to make room for more
that the player base actually wants and telling by the current votes by making this post 1 vote yes and 6 no obviously has no use for our community.
Don't be afraid to give us your suggestions or feedback.

There maybe a chance that something similar to SIS may return in the future 
but first we need to take baby steps. Adding more regiments is not on our priority list.

We simply don't have the players to accommodate all the current regiments fully e.g. 5th Fleet Security, Wolfpack. Some regiments are making improvements such as
212th, 501st, Medical Corps.

We have been hit hard some what recently with a resignation of an old member and switching hosts. Switching hosts has impacted a number of scripts that are
licensed to the owners of Poseidon but also the IP we used before the host switch (as far as I know). Support tickets need to be submitted by the licensed
owners of those scripts till then we lack in a few important scripts.

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It wouldn’t work as a regiment due to the already sizeable amount of dying ones

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no dumb dumb