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Elmsy's Event Staff Application

(This post was last modified: Tuesday, 17-04-2018, 01:59 AM by Elmsy.)

Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ionizedtango/
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:96660885
StarWarsRP name: Elmsy
Time on the Server: 14hrs 15mins in game + 19hrs on old Steam Username: IonizedElm

Why do you want this rank:
 I want this rank to be able to help improve the RP situations and events on the server. Also how the players deal with certain RP scenarios, in order to improve the player's overall experience with the events held on this server.

Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly?:
Yes, I do. I intend to use them for both event holding and to help players who need help in RP scenarios

Do you agree to accept any types of criticism given by players, positive or negative?:
I agree to accept all criticism on all events and RP scenarios I hold.

Event Ideas:
Event 1 - Droid Factory
A droid factory has been scouted on a nearby planet by members of a scouting operation. Their last transmission reported this and haven't been heard from yet. The clones intend to arrive at the planet, find the droid factory, shut it down and find out what happened to the scouting team. The planet has a droid factory, base and multiple heavy vehicles. The clones are supplied with a couple of heavy vehicles and are to be used to deal with them. As the clones delve deeper they find the captured, slain bodies of two clones who seem to have been apart of the scouting team. The droid factory is filled with droids and the clones are instructed to plant explosives to put it out of commission. Once the explosion goes off this attracts the attention of the last surviving member of the scouting team. Once the clones meet with him he explains the clones transmitted the signal to the venator and then they were ambushed, the rest of his team was captured and he was left alone in the wilderness with no working communications. This has the option of developing into a larger operation of droids being manufactured to be used else where.

Event 2 - The Hold Up
A squadron of clones are held up and on their last legs, communicating to their officers, after a base infiltration mission went wrong. The clones mission was to originally infiltrate the base and gain data, in order to discover their next attack. The venator is informed at the clones are sent down to help. In a droid base, data pads are spread throughout the base for the clones to decrypt and hack into. This data shows information on their next attack.(Used for Event 3) The base infiltration team are held up in a control room of a base, with their resources slowly being drained, they can only hold up for so long. The clones job is to clear the droid base and successfully extract the infiltration team in the process(This team can be ARC). They must also ensure the data is successfully extracted. Once they are about to be extracted they board the LAATS and are shotdown as they are flying overhead. The players spawn in on a new map, similar to the old one. The are injured and must recover. Their comms go static and can't make contact with the main ship. The clones are to salvage parts from the LAATS and the surrounding area to make a successful communications device. During this droids begin to surround them and the clones must hold out and defend. After they make contact with the base the droid numbers begin to thin. The ship tells them they will have to move to the appropriate LZ to get a safe transportation. During their way to the LZ they encounter droid trying to stop them from leaving with the data. After they reach the LZ, they are successfully extracted.

Event 3 - Medical Help Needed!
The data the clones gathered from Event 2 (or any other event) tells them that a medical transport is going to be ambushed, killing the clones in medical stations and cutting of needed medical supplies for the front line troops of that planet. The attack is imminent and the clones must act fast. As the clones arrive on the planet the transport has already been intercepted. They arrive at the scene of the attack with some droids still in the area. The clones deal with them and search through the rubble. The droids are headed to the back lines of one of the nearby battlefields. The clones must stop them in time to ensure their progress on the battlefield isn't haltered. The clones salvage what they can and notify the force up ahead of the incoming droids. The clones don't deal with enough of the clones in time and the front force is being pushed from both sides. The clones must save the force and stop the droids, also giving what medical supplies they recovered to help them with their wounded. The clones extract after successfully dealing with the droids or when they are forced to retreat.

Here are three scenarios event staff come across quite often when running events. Answer them with appropriate [ULX] commands and what actions you would take so we can see how you would interpret a various range of obstacles when running events: The more detail you put the better.

1. You decide to hold an event, and after changing map, you realise that the map is not compatible with a lot of the players.
 1. What would you do to fix this? 
      In preparation I would have more than 2 maps with suit the needs for the event and swap maps if one isn't very compatible. I would also try to have one map which is known to work for the players.
 2. How would you explain this change?
      I would explain to the players we will have to swap maps due to incompatibility with most of the players, and apologise for the long wait of getting the event sorted. If that is not possible I would do what I can to increase the players experience of the map, whether it be holes in the map or errors.

2. You’re running an event with a major lore villain. Due to the fact that this lore villain is not killed in the engagement, what method would you utilize to make sure the player:

  1. Doesn’t die,
    To make sure the villain doesn't die when he isn't meant to, you can have to HP set incredibly high and have the villain begin to flee at a certain health number. You could even set to god mode if the player is trusted to abide with your instructions about fleeing and how the event flows. This all relies on how the event is meant to flow. Whether he be captured(Make the clones capture instead of killing him to interrogate him.). Whether he flee after the clones begin giving chase or they progress a certain amount during the event.
  2. Doesn’t kill all the clones.
    Brief the player taking control of the villain and tell them that their objective is to not kill as many clones as possible but instead killing the ones which are rushing in blind and also tell them to provide fire at them if needed. And tell them what their objective is on that planet and leave once it is completed 
3. An event has finished half an hour ago, but you also have something planned. How long should you wait before attempting to start your event.

I would wait until it has been over 1hr since the last event to give the players time to settle and do training/ tryouts. If the players are beginning to become restless and bored notify them that an event is soon. If the players are currently in the middle of something such as training, I would give them time to finish it up and not allow anyone else to begin.

4. You wish to hold an event involving magnaguards/ sith acolytes. These classes tend to be difficult to scale to players, with staff or closely trusted players being typically selected. In this scenario, what would you do in the following categories.
  1. How much health would you this enemy?
    I would give the sith acolytes 5000hp(If there was one)(Min 700hp per guy), in order for the clones to have time to strategise on how to take it/them out. I would also tell the selected person the go for the people out of formation first/ ones not listening to orders to encourage them to listen to their officers.
  2. Which Saber do you use for the enemy?
  3. Who would you select to be this enemy?
    Trusted people and admins who have been briefed on their objectives and goals. Also how to rp as that character
5. During an event, a player that you have selected as an enemy/neutral begins to hijack the original plan, instead doing what they want, which ends up being a silly/stupid event.

  1. How would you deal with this situation?
    After the event I would give them a warning to listen about what I tell them otherwise I will not trust them again to participate as a special role in my events again until shown otherwise. Max 2 strikes
  2. If the other players also think of a method to solve the attack made by the enemies, that you had not intended, how would you react to such actions?
         I would encourage the players to think of creative solutions and bend the event to what they do. So they feel like they have freedom with what they do and how they do it. As long as they are keeping in a sensible rp situation and not metagaming.


+1 Pretty good dude, and I can see he put effort into this app.
Maybe you could be a bit more active on the forums and maybe you could make this app more colourful, but otherwise, I think you would do good as an event staff.
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+1 he has talked with some of us about how to improve events as well as event ideas I want to see what he can make I am enthused to see what he can come up with
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+1 always see him taking his RP seriously, would be good.
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