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Jinx's Moderator Application


When applying for staff you must be formal and responsible, any jokes or not taking the application seriously puts your application at risk of being denied on the spot. You can’t go and get your friends to +1 you just because they are your friends, they must have an actual reason to +1. The more effort you put into this application the more effort we put into reading it and clarifying it. 

If your application is denied please don't get offended as we are trying to keep a high caliber of staff. Your application may not get accepted straight away and it will take time before your application is accepted. If you have not gotten a final response from the managers about your application, it means we are still taking your application into consideration. We have not forgotten about your application.

Pre-requisites (Don't Anwser these, these are a given):

~You must be already active and well known within our StarWarsRP server.
~You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot. 
~You must understand the chain of command.
~You must be 15 years or older, or very mature.
~You must agree that use of rank tools must only be used to help others and yourself
~You agree that rank can be pulled at any time without notice.
~You agree that you will participate in play on the server at least every other day for longer then an hour or two.
~You must have a microphone and use it, no chat admins please.
~You need to understand that you may not receive the rank.
~You will need to run events as well as sits.

Application template:

~Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EnchantedJinx
~Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48549634
~StarWarsRP name: 6236 Jinx
~Do you have a mic?: I do have a microphone and in the near future im thinking of investing in a higher quality set up 

~Short description on yourself:
Hi its me Jinx current trusted, Major of 5th fleet. Some of you know me well, some of you may not. This description will be for those who don't. Real name Thomas, i'm a novacastrian (resident of Newcastle) bartender whos hobbies and interests include the likes of, playing guitar and writing music, photography, cycling and we can't forget building computers and using them to play games such as gmod as well as some of my other favorites, Elite Dangerous, Xcom, Ksp, Arma and the total wars to name a few. 
Anyways more about me and Poseidon servers, I started playing SWRP october/november of last year so about 5-6 months i've been on the server. SWRP was literally the first thing i did on gmod, i Had, had the game prior but was never really driven to download it until i started talking to my friend rico about SWRP. We hoped on together, i climbed up the ranks in medcorps eventually making it to Captain under Commander Ethanola making ARC and being assigned to 5th fleet along the way. From Captain i was entrusted the rank of battalion commander of 5th by Fegelein and continued to revive and run that before passing it onto one of my well trained troopers. Since my first endeavour into gmod and in to poseidon servers i've been and continue to be hooked, I've made some great friends on the server, had some great times in and out of role play and i see no end to my SWRP addiction in the future. 

~Why you want this rank: 
As i've mentioned above i've been playing on the SWRP server for quite some time now, i've made some good friends and i've had some great times. I've gotten to the point were i feel that it's time for me to give back to the server in more ways than just donating. I would like to become more involved in the day to day running of the server helping the manager, admins and event staff where ever possible. I want to contribute more to helping the server maintain an active happy community and i feel that having the rank of moderator would help me do this. This rank and the powers that come with it would also help me to build new and exciting tryouts and other assets which would help my own or any other regiment that may decide they would like me to help, including assets to help train and teach newcomers to the server. 

Whether i get this rank or not, Thank you for reading my application whomever it may be. I look forward to seeing you on the server in the future. 

~Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly?:
Yes, i agree to use the tools that come with the rank properly. 

~At any point we may take your rank away, Do you accept this?:
yes, i agree that if you deem it necessary my rank could be taken away.  
SWRP: Trusted
(Former) Battalion Commander Of 5th Fleet
(Former) Captain Of Medcorps


+1 yes please.


+1 he deserved his sgt rank in Wolfpack wtf
StarwarsRP: Memerator
StarwarsRP Name: 2LT 4650 Abaddon

I also admin on Jailbreak when it isn't dead and I play on Darkrp as a trusted very infrequently


(Wednesday, 14-03-2018, 02:18 PM)Rico Wrote:  +1


(Wednesday, 14-03-2018, 03:42 PM)Royalty Free Music Wrote: +1 he deserved his sgt rank in Wolfpack wtf


Everyone knows and love Jinx, let's face it, he's still my MCDR.
Lieutenant Coco of the Republic Navy

Admiral Coco
Major of Talon Squad 
Shinny Rebellion leader (jokes just started it)
Captain of the Shinies
Commander of Talon Squad

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+1 not a fuck wit and would make a decent mod

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