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BlackopBob's Cinema Admin


Steam Name: BlackopBob
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58465224
Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blackopbob/
Have you donated?: No 
Do you have experience with cinema?: I was previously a cinema admin before and have quite a bit of play time
Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: I believe I do

You must be a likeable person. I believe I am 
You must have played for a minimum of 12 hours on Poseidon's Cinema Server. I have played well over 12 hours
You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations. I am fully capable at handling stressful situations and can handle stressful situations
You must understand the chain of command. I fully understand and respect the chain of command
You must understand you may not get Trusted. I do understand that
You must understand the rules of Cinema, and be impartial in your evaluation of players video choices and interactions. I have fully read the rules and understand the rules and will treat all video choices and interactions equally

Age: 14

Short description on yourself: Hi I am Harry but just call me Bobby, Bob, Black or Blackop. I have been a member of Poseidon since Nov 2013 and have played many of the game modes they have had to play. Long story short on my history with Poseidon: I met Destro in 2013 and he got me into Poseidon. Jailbreak was my main gamemode but I did branch out in the future. I met many friends along the way and have had an overall good time with Poseidon. I believe I am one of the longest playing members who is still playing today in the Poseidon Community. 

I am sorry it I have ever been a dick to you, offended you, winging and carrying on like a baby and sorry for being any other type of annoyance to you. I am truly sorry and have fixed up my act completely.

I was recently a Cinema Admin but after Elephant_Man left the role of the head of Cinema I was removed from admin. I am simply applying to try and get accepted again so I can make the community a overall better place. I look forward to seeing new staff around and new members too and congratulate Pelican on the Cinema Manager. Thanks for being patient enough to read this whole thing and I hope you like it.

Thanks :)


+1 best kid
DarkRP: Trevor Johnson
Ex-Moderator (May 2016 - July 2016)
Ex-Moderator (September 2017 - November 2017) 


+1 cool guy
Best server there is...IN THE WORLD! 
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If you can see this it is a joke :D
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Why exactly were you removed from your previous admin position?
Breach - Head-Admin

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(Wednesday, 28-02-2018, 08:13 PM)O-D-COLE Wrote: Why exactly were you removed from your previous admin position?

Cinema: Senior Admin
TTT: Ex-Moderator
Murder: Ex-Senior Admin 
Darkrp: Ex-Moderator/Trial Mentor 
ImperialRP: Ex-Moderator

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I don't really know why I was removed but it seems I was the only one removed. When Pelican came in I was removed
Cinema | Admin
DarkRP | Trusted
DarkRP Name | Bobby Black



accepted wb

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