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Bludmist's trusted application

Lightbulb  (This post was last modified: Monday, 15-01-2018, 05:42 PM by Bludmist.)

~Steam Profile: thePaladinBludmist/Bludmist

~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:86970581

~StarWarsRP name: SGT 9001 Bludmist

Hello, i am 22 years old and take my roleplay seriously when it is required of me.

I have been apart of this server since November last year and have been on just about everyday since then. Because of this, i have become a well known player of the server and am looking to help anyway i can.

I do understand that i may not be accepted for this application and i am fine with that.

~Why you want this rank: 
I would greatly appreciate this rank because i would like to become an even more active member of this community and be apart of the team that makes this server the best that it has to offer and to make sure that the player base on this server only improves. With this Trusted rank i plan to make sure that the immersion and playability of the server is improved and maintained along with making sure the reputation of the Wolfpack regiment that i have been welcomed into and have been apart of since my first days on the server is fixed and becomes the regiment it was meant to be.

I absolutely understand that the tools are a privelage and not a right and will treat them as such.
SGT 9001 Bludmist of the Wolfpack Regiment

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22 with that voice? lol
Neutral. I don't +1 anyone soz
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+1 Dedicated member of Poseidon. Would be a good trusted
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+1 always helps me out when i need it, takes RP seriously and would make a good trustee.


+1 good guy


(Saturday, 13-01-2018, 09:41 PM)Bearmax Wrote: 22 with that voice? lol
Neutral. I don't +1 anyone soz

yeah lies

+1 Active, does some serious rp here and then. I would consider Blud as a trusted member within the community and would be great for the role


SGT 9001 Bludmist of the Wolfpack Regiment

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+1 I don't see why you shouldn't have it already to be honest
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+1 good guy, good trusted


+1 played with the guy and he would fit in to the role well

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