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CARROT's Admin Application


~ Steam name: CARROT
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:126849018
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/carrot3/
~ Have you donated?: Yes
~ Do you have experience with Cinema?: Yes
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes
~ Age: 15

~ Short description on yourself: Well my real name is Noah I'm 15 years young and I was born and rasied in
 australia, and have a bit of a german background I really don't mind if you know that, I'm Employed at a
 Family Center which I don't really wanna say the name of because it might give me an idea of where I live,
 on Saturday I play under 15s Rugby League with my local footy club which I love but I have to wait until
 winter for the season to start so at the moment I have nothing to do on saturdays and one last thing if 
your wondering why my steam name is CARROT it is because I have ginger hair and carrot's are orange and it
was the first thing that came to mind when I made my steam account.

[Pre Requisites]

~You must be a likable person. I believe so.

~You must have played for a minimum of 12 hours on Poseidon's Cinema server. Yeah I have more then 12 hours

~You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations. I believe I'm a carm person

~You must understand the chain of command.  Yeah

~You must understand that you may not get Admin. Yeah 100%

~You must understand the rules of Cinema, and be impartial in your evaluation of players video choices and interactions. I understand the rules of cinema
Darkrp: Barry Allen | Trusted
Breach: Ex-admin
Jailbreak: Wardenplus / if it's even a rank
Prophunt: Ex-Superadmin for like a week 
Cinema: Admin


+1 Ez Accept. Previous experience as staffing and is generally a nice man.
DarkRP:  Moderator  

JailBreak: Warden+

Cinema: Administrator


+1 lad, knows the rules, should already be staff!
DarkRP - Admin | Event Coordinator
School Shooter - Ex-Admin
Minecraft - Dev
Cinema - Admin


Should stop hogging piano.

+1 Improved on his attitude and is a little more mature
Cinema: Senior Admin
TTT: Ex-Moderator
Murder: Ex-Senior Admin 
Darkrp: Ex-Moderator/Trial Mentor 
ImperialRP: Ex-Moderator


+1 Cinema is gonna have the best staff by far xD Memes. EZ +11111111111111111111111
[Image: FDk6RZU.jpg]



He's a wonderfully nice person and knows the rules well.
Poseidon Cinema - Admin

Poseidon Jailbreak - Former Admin (Resigned)


+1 Good Guy and should have the rank
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQsK-UlIQDyN7fHaOKuPeh...V_5yAFbZyg]
Cinema: Admin 
DarkRP: Trusted  
DarkRP Name: Boby Black
Elephant_Man: "I am cool"    


SeniorAdmin for Poseidon Cinema

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