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The Negotiator's Mod Application


Quote: Wrote:Name: The Negotiator
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71575572
Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TitanLoneDog/

Short description about yourself: 
I am constantly active, and is able to be contacted via steam or Poseidon Servers teamspeak. I am well experienced with ULX and a bit of lua
and the manager knows this already. I am trustworthy and will be responsible in situations when it is required, I usually only joke around with
friends or those who I hang around with.

Why you want to be moderator:
Well I feel like being moderator is a start for having some form of moderation on Zombie Survival if there were to be those people who tend
to grief to help the other team or annoy other players. It is also not common or un-common to see the use of script users on Garry's mod
so having a small mod team to keep an eye on the server at all times would be fairly acceptable to try keep the use of script users on the
server down. Bot's are smart, but in all seriousness f.blaze, they're not. I can prove you wrong some day.

Average time spent on the server per week:
Even though I have not spent much time on the server as it is. I will be able to contribute a minimum of 4 hours  two days depending on
the servers activity levels.

Previous Experience as staff: 
I don't think I really need to answer this question but yes I have, even stated in my short description. The manager already knows
what community I Co-owned, before this I have been staff for other servers and for other games.

Do you understand that your rank can be revoked at anytime without reason:
Yes I do understand this, one of the many basic questions in staff applications which ask the person who is filling it out that if they
are abusing their powers or in some way unfit or inactive that they can have their powers revoked.

Additional Information you would like us to know:
I believe that Applications in general should have no less than the effort I have put into this one, otherwise it just seems like effortless
if you don't answer questions in full sentences. I also wonder who the amazing person who remastered the original temple was, should thank them.

Yours sincerely
The Negotiator
Roleplay Name: Sevens/Sylveon
Rank: 501st Battalion Commander
ULX: Moderator

Past Experience
Rear Admiral Flight Director, Pilot Trainer, Navy Admin - Resigned

Old Poseidon Clone Wars
Trusted Rank
Commander of the 187th Attack Battalion - Resigned
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-1 You just started playing Zombie survival and it just seems like a way to get some form of Mod spot on any Poseidon server to further your own agenda and using your friendship/time with Fblaze to get the spot (But that may just of me being very untrusting of basically everyone.) You are a commander of SWRP as well as applying for mod on Star Wars and here, Let's say you get both spots you will not be able to balance both commanding a regiment, moderating SWRP and ZS In my opinion. And I know I can't really say much since I don't play ZS or I don't play it often but I know you from SWRP and how you are like. I'd just give it time man for people to see how you really are since they can't really base their opinions off what little time you have/will have on the server of them writing their opinions. Also other things from the mod app "Prerequisites" "~ You must be already active and well known within our Zombie Survival community." I don't think from playing on the server from what little time you have, from Gametracker it says you have around 2 hours, how is that anytime to be "already active" and "well known within the Zombie Survival community". I personally think I have given you lots to think about in further improve your chances if you were to apply in the further.

But as always I wish you the best of luck in getting mod, and that this is just my own personally opinion. :)
CWRP: Officer Trusted | Margulis Kaleen RC-1262 Scorch |
HL2RP: Admin | Margulis Kaleen |
GCWRP: Officer Trusted | Rebel General Rahm Kota |
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honestly if what ponds said is true im neutral but we do need more mods to mod and sylveon isn't a bad person
hi i play ttt and swrp

SWRP: ha im shiny CT 3142 Aytoms

weeb shit: https://pastebin.com/Kg2DZk8V

(the 5th fleet experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDamWhiox_0 this is actually accurate holy shit)

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