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Millie Bobby Brown


~ Game mode: DARK RP
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:65734725
~ Reason for ban request: RDM After Mugging
~ Evidence: (Bans without evidence and fall into a "he said, she said" will be declined.)
I dropped my wallet for him (55) "he says, thats not enough and continues to kill me.
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(OOC) Millie Bobby Brown: yeah 55 isnt enough
(OOC) Millie Bobby Brown: no but to not die drop over 100
(OOC) Millie Bobby Brown: tony i killed u fairly

I dont think this was fair as i had just spent the rest of my money on some guns and kevlar so i didnt have "over a hundred" at the time

Steve robert then but in and said that i was wrong and he was right to kill me.
I then copied and pasted rule 40 in motd "(OOC) Tony Windsor: You cannot request a specific amount of money while mugging. You must say "drop your wallet" or something similar, then the person you are mugging can make up an amount which they think they should have in their wallet and give it to you."
Apparently i was still wrong?

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You were correct in the situation, he shouldn’t of given you a specific amount although I don’t believe that this is ban worthy tbh. At most if a sit was conducted he would’ve received a warn. I guess we can still warn and discuss with him though.

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technically RDM after mugging is allowed - Infernus

Asking for an amount isn't though


Uhh yes I believe they should be perma banned after this
just requires a warn tbh
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(Sunday, 24-12-2017, 11:45 PM)Royalty Free Music Wrote: Uhh yes I believe they should be perma banned after this
just requires a warn tbh

not banworthy lmao
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(Monday, 25-12-2017, 12:15 AM)Rangalishous Wrote: not banworthy lmao

That, and also would need screenshots or checking of the chat / kill logs to verify story. -1 for now

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