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Race - MOTD

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Please ensure you read and understand the rules as you are accountable if you break them.

For information on our donation packages please refer to:

[General Rules]

1. If you find a game breaking bug please report. Exploiting bugs that may be game breaking or disruptive will result in a ban.
2. Do not mic spam or flood the chat box. This includes sound boards. 
3. Do not evade punishments.
4. When a staff member asks you to stop doing something you stop. No questions asked.
5. Do not bully or harass people. If someone is abusing you either mute them or tell an admin. You can do this by typing "@" before typing in in-game chat.
6. Do not use hacks, scripts, bugs or any other exploits under any circumstances.
7. Do not impersonate other players, regardless of rank.
8. Do not ask for ranks. 
9. Do not advertise other servers, websites or services.
10. Do not spread, leak or distribute any personal info of any player.

[Race Rules]

1. Do not intentionally drive the wrong way on the track.
2. Do not intentionally hold up the race. ie driving slowly, intentionally crashing into walls simply to waste peoples time.

Rules are subject to change without notice
TTT:  Manager

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