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r.i.p my nigga frankie

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Why would those reasons have him banned off teamspeak of all things?

Also we need 6 more agree reacts for unban
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lets unban him for december 31st because he promised he will use his mic then, if he lies or does some other gay shit reban him
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(Friday, 15-12-2017, 07:27 PM)Cain Wrote: To speak on behalf of Lantos and the Owners.

~these reasoning is coming directly from the daddies, i'm just more or less speaking on behalf of them to give clarity to you guys whether you agree or not

Frankie's ban was a result of an arguably long build up of disgruntlement the owners have with him, following a few events the owners have deemed to be suspicious and/or malicious.
Most notably the following:
  • While Frankie was staff on the forums, he had a few accounts he neglected/forgot to mention the owners that had administrative powers. After he resigned, they still existed and the owners weren't aware of them for a while. Surrounding this, there was an incident where Frankie was apparently shit talking Poseidon on Voxel about having these accounts. This is what people refer to when they mention Frankie had back doors to the Forums.
  • Frankie also deleted Lebofly's, an Ex-Owner of Poseidon, posts, all of them, without asking permission from the owners first.
  • Frankie's anonymity to such an extent is also a cause of suspicion, alongside some shady acts mentioned above, it's become a problem where his words are no longer trusted by the Owners and anything he's said has been discredited in their view.
  • Frankie is often caught up in drama, whether he's just involved on the side or his post has drama on it, he still has some sort of part in most drama and this is seen as a problem that just adds to the pile.
  • He is also seen by the owners to be sneaky and manipulative, which is obviously traits they don't want in the community. This is also reinforced in their eyes by his inability to do something so small like speaking and proving anything he's said, which seems just illogical.

Completely separate, my own view is that while Frankie's done some questionable  things, he hasn't done anything recently and only a handful of the things he's done has actually ended in anything bad happening really. I've voiced these opinions to lantos n such as well so ye
It did feel like a very random ban, which is why everyone is so up in arms, especially as there was verrry little explanation after the fact until we pried n such.

This doesn't concern me, but I'm going to give my opinion anyway because fuck you (I'm going write like him talking to Lantos in this btw). The fact that this was posted by Cain and not Lantos also speaks volumes on the state of communication between the owners and the rest of Poseidon.

  1. You guys gave him the greenlight to work on the forums, so he did. Sure, the alt accounts were shady but he was obviously using them to test. When he resigned he probably forgot about them, but I can understand it being a bit shady. Still, it's very tinfoil hat to think he was going to do malicious things with them just because he shit talked Poseidon, which everyone did. Poseidon was a fucking shit hole when we all left so of course we were going to talk shit about it. Do you suppose everyone else who left for Voxel should be banned too? Hasn't he also been heavily punished for this too? Like, what's the point of banning him when he's already been punished? It doesn't make sense at all.
  2. This is the first time I've ever heard of this as a problem, honestly sounds like you grasping for straws trying to justify yourself for banning Frankie when no one else in the community agrees with you. 
  3. Retarded point, sorry. Not everyone in this community wants to reveal their Facebook and address. Some people would rather keep their private information private. Why is it so hard to respect the fact that some people would rather keep their information private? 
  4. Almost every regular member of this community is involved in drama, constantly. This does not at all only apply to Frankie and seems like a stupid point. 
  5. What I'm getting from this here is that you don't like him? I've known Frankie for a long time now and "sneaky" and "manipulative" are the last things I'd think of him as. Also, we never gave Infernus shit for not using his mic, why would we give shit to Frankie for doing the same? Again, just seems like personal dislike, which imo is not a reason to ban someone.


(Friday, 15-12-2017, 09:18 PM)Benji Brah Wrote: Why would those reasons have him banned off teamspeak of all things?

Also we need 6 more agree reacts for unban

my reaction menu doesn't work, count me as an agree react
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These men have spoken
We need justice
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Free the good fellow Frankie
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Yo while you're at it free cinco aswell

also we hit 9 agree reacts so its time to unban
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