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Excel's Mod App


~ Steam name: Excel
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54872509 
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070010747/
~ Previous Names (if applicable): I don't believe it matters since i've been inactive for several months
~ Have you donated?: Yes, in the past.
~ Age: 14

~Short description on yourself:
My name is Liam, i'm 14 and in year 9 turning 15 on the 10th, I live in Queensland with a family of 5 studying to be either an electrical engineer or biomedical engineer, and play games as a hobby. I get home from school around 3:20 and get off around 10 and will most likely play deathrun for at least an hour or 2  a day. 

~Why you deserve this rank over the other applicants:
I believe I deserve this rank over other applicants because of my past experiences with ulx being an ex admin on murder and deathrun and many other servers. Because of this past experience i have a great understanding on the rules and how to uphold them like i have in the past. Despite my inactivity i will begin to be more active on the server as the only reason i was inactive was because of the lack of players. I have already started becoming more active and will help the community as best as i can.


+1, good guy Excel
I truly am a King

[Image: magic-gif-go-fuck-yourself-Mac-Faulkner-disney-gif.gif]


+1 pussy that cant win coinflips
Dark RP: Frank Bell  Heart 
Deathrun Revival Campaign

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+1 great guy but get your activity up though
Deathrun :: Im bad at bhopping but i wont admit it. i hope i can be sam one day - Edited by Sam Lmao
DEAD noah: *child looks up sex on the youtubes comes up with DESTINY ALL CLASSES SEXES AND CUSTOMISATION ... *CHILD SEE SEX... 


Neutral, would like to see you on a little more before I +1.
I fuck everything up.


+1 nice guy, deserves it foa shoa

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