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JohnnyOs Slays Trusted Application

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~Steam Name:



JohnnyOs Slays

~Steam Profile link:

~Steam ID:


~Any Donations?


~Why you want this rank:

I would like this rank as i believe i am mature enough to use the votekick and voteban correctly against players that have broken the rules when no staff are online/inactive, i believe i can tell if a player has done something by mistake or is generally trying to ruin the RP for other players online, i believe i am one of the most active players on Poseidon's DarkRP server, therefore i believe i can keep the server in tact when staff are no longer online, besides when i'm working i'm generally on the server (i may or may not have no life :"D secretly crying myself to sleep at night while helping us save the Galvao)

~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: 

i will use the extra tools and commands as they should be used, votekick to obviously kick someone that has made a illegal base refusing to fix the base, voteban for someone RDMing, Attempting to Crash the server (propspamming) etc, !cleardecals to clear the bullet holes every now and then, lights for my bases, advanced dupe to copy my good builds etc, followed by a report on the forums if necessary  

~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?:

Yes i will not abuse the tools given to me and i understand if i do break the rules i will lose trusted 

Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JohnnyOs1/

DarkRP: JohnnyOs Slays

I am a dick, I know. 


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+1 good man very good builder
*EDIT* -1 wants +1s
*EDIT* +1 pls don't ddoes me please

+1 good man very good builder

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-1 "Do you use the forums at all? Oh you do, while your on their go into Dark RP apps and +1 my app, thanks dad" 

+1 One of the best and active people i know on the server atm. Big balls and has a beautiful smile ;) 
deserves it the most out of most applicants


+1 nice dude and deserves this rank
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+1 fuck it, sure
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Jailbreak: Warden+ (Ex-Admin [I was for like 5 mins, ty Lcast)

Ask me medical or maths related things, I've probably been forced to study it.


1+ because I can spelle and your really good player and you follow all the rules
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+1 Very active, and always fun to be around. Definitely knows his rules.
DarkRP: Robert Stevenson
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This man knows how to RP

Knows the rules and is always active in the community!


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