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Warden+ Template

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[Pre Requisites]

~You must be a likable person. 
~You must have played for a minimum of 30 hours on Poseidon's Jailbreak server.
~You must be trustworthy of features gained by this rank.
~You must understand that you can be demoted without your knowledge.
~You must understand that you may not get Warden+.
~You must understand the rules of Jailbreak, more specifically rules wardening of Jailbreak.
~You must understand that this is not a stepping stone to administrator and should not be treated as such.

~ Steam name:
~ Steam ID:
~ Steam profile link:
~ Do you have experience with Wardening?:
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?:
~ Age:
~ Why do you want Warden+:
~ How will the features of Warden+ improve your days: 
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