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Building a computer


Hey just a quick question. Were has everyone learnt to build a Gaming PC from? I was gonna start building one these holidays and don't know were to start.
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There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube
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I just watched a lot of youtube and gained lots of knowledge about parts, how they work together in the system, what works best for what ect, ect.

There are many channels on youtube that cover aspects of computers, some for build guides, some for part comparison and review. If you start (unless you already have) by gaining a fundamental understanding of how a computer works and then increase your knowledge with specifics, you will be able to theoretically make a computer that does what you want and will work. As for physically putting it together, I found that no matter how many tutorials you watch, there is always an element of learning and mistakes that you make.
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Watch a lot of youtube videos. Get some friends who already know how to build to come and help you build. Ask someone here for part recommendations.
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go to PCpartpicker, that'll help with what parts are compatible and the pricing


Nah m8, I get all meh parts from third world contries
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