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Updates 17/11/2017

(This post was last modified: Friday, 17-11-2017, 08:47 PM by Multi.)

Well hello hello,

Unfortunately a very salty boi deleted all of my previous update threads, and didn't make any to inform what was changed, so it's a fun little game of cat and mouse figuring out where things went. Regardless, the only changes so far are as follows:
  • Staff Team re-evaluated; stay tuned over next few weeks for more clarification on staff going forward into future, inc. ranks and perms, admin has been removed.
  • Groundwork to transition server to Wolvin's Prop Hunt gamemode has begun; further clarification on this in future.
  • Jukebox has been wiped (And temp pulled to edit)
  • If it isn't already clear, the server is under new management, namely by myself and Rangalishious. Development will resume where it left off 12 months ago.
As always, leave your opinions below, but any major suggestions/changes would be best served in their own thread in the suggestions forum. Keep it clean friends, not much has happened as of yet but this is to keep you lovelies in the know <3
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can i have "friday-rebecca black" back on the jukebox please? <3

Prop Hunt EX-Admin

I was always known as the nice asshole admin rip Dakota 2k17


I'll add it, along with some other stuff I've been sitting on for awhile, namely some minor commands the mods asked for and some maps. I've been timepoor lately but hopefully some bigger changes will be pushed out soonish.
the only forum mod ever permanently banned for realsies [Image: 3pKRkBt.png]

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