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Al's Admin Application


~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): al, al_is_trash, official_smileyg1rl
~Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198269224424
~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:154479348
~Any Donations? No

~Why you want this rank and what will you do with the extra commands you Receive?: 
A few people have recommended that I apply for admin and I thought that if others think that I am suitable, I may as well give it a shot as I have considered doing so. After playing on this server for a while, I have begun to get tired of people not obeying rules and ruining the game for others. So with admin powers (without abusing them), I will make sure to help inforce server rules.

~ Why do you deserve this rank over other applicants:
Even though I do not have the extra commands that comes with being an admin, I try my best to stop other players from breaking server rules. I believe that being a good and fair admin will make the server more fun and enjoyable for all players.  

~Do you agree to use the rank properly?: Yes, of course

~Current playtime: 3days 15h 44min

-Current warns by AWarn: 15 AWarns
 ~ al

Ex Murder Senior Admin :p


I recommended to her she applied for the role so of course i believe she would be a fitting admin, friendly with originals, and newbies. respects others opinions and wishes and understands the rules. +1


Yesssssssssssssssss you would be an amazing admin +1

on a more serious note She knows the rules and is trusted by most staff. She would be a great part of the team.
EX Murder-Senior Admin



+1 She fits the job :D 
                                                         [Image: aaQWWZf.png]
u gonna get fucko by ducko

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+1 from me, Al is quite active, follows the rules and i believe that she will use the rank to help the server and players on it as a whole.
Poseidon Servers Murder - Senior Admin  
  Poseidon Servers Breach  - Developer


Als pretty active as well as a friendly and calm player to talk to, +1
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TTT: Ex-Moderator
Murder: Ex-Senior Admin 
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+1, al knows the rules well and has been playing on the server for quite a while so I think she would be a good addition to the staff team.


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Breach Manager
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Community: Best player ever (duhh)

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