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Mod or Admin App


~ Steam name: Bear or Bearskies

~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92446271
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bearskies/
~ Have you donated?: yes $15 i think
~ Do you have experience with Prop Hunt?: Yeah relatively
~Have you been banned previously? If so why? Never been banned from any server.
~ Do you meet the requirements in the pre requisites?: Yeah
~ Age: 23

~ Short description on yourself: I work in a museum, in FNQ Because i love Public Interactions and talking. I build drones as a hobby and labor free computer for people in my small town because i enjoy it.
[Insert a description of yourself here, at least 25 words]


+1. I like the app and he seems suitable coming from another staff member.
I can do coding stuff
give me projects pls
 [Image: tumblr_onqzd5aind1w67jvfo1_500.gif]
The #1 ladder hater
also Ex. TTT mod (resigned)


Do you work as a night guard at the museum and do the displays come alive.
Darkrp: Barry Allen | Trial
Breach: Ex-admin
Jailbreak: EX-Wardenplus / if it's even a rank
Prophunt: Ex-Superadmin for like a week 
Cinema: Admin


Server has changed management and is under development. If you are still interested in the role please reapply.
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