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Salutations! Bobby McStevenson here.


G'day Ladies and Gents,

Many of you, may or may not know me already. If you don't, here's a quick introduction:

I'm a complete and utter moron. Ex Trial Admin for Poseidon DarkRP. Absolutely terrible at shooting a gun. 

Just wanted to drop by and see if any of the old blokes who played back in 2015 are still hanging around and meet some new people!
DarkRP Name: "The Infamous" Bobby McStevenson
Occupation: Trusted

"We're the OG Poseidon Squaaad" - The OG Poseidon Squaaad

                         - been with Poseidon Since 2014

                                                              - "The most annoying kid" ~ Diego Delgado

- "The sexiest man alive" ~ Tyler Herbert
                         - "I dont trust him, he's not ready yet" ~ Every Poseidon Staff in '15



Furry 10/10


I'm still here


@Tyger no you're not here.
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Salutations indeed
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that name rings a bell


Love you
I'm a King
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Credit to Perrin for the Signature. 


One of my first friends when i joined the community in 2015. Hope to see ya around more mate!

Just saw this thread, late reply xD
DarkRP Name: Nathan Nic  

DarkRP Privileges: Administrator

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Still here mate ;)


Don't come back
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Some kid who doesn't play anymore

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