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What HTTP Webserver does Poseidon Servers Use?


the outages were because of a physical attack involving a sledgehammer, nothing to do with requests


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(Sunday, 10-09-2017, 02:35 AM)Frankie Wrote: the outages were because of a physical attack involving a sledgehammer, nothing to do with requests



If they had a decent stateful inspection firewall or where using a host that had DDoS protection it would be able to work out the trends in traffic being sent and block them all while still leaving legitimate traffic to flow through. With some help of course.

There are worse attacks out there such as DNS amplification and LDAP attacks in the case of LDAP they would need to be using active directory services.
But there are easy ways to combat this, LDAP attacks can be fixed by simply updating your active directory server and limited LDAP connections to where they are needed by firewall and getting clients or workers to connect via a VPN. There are even ways to cut out chances of a DNS amplification attack, such as using a handful of trusted DNS server and letting them propagate any record changes to other DNS servers.

Basically if you manage to find a way to use vunerable servers to amplify your request's size and use a forged TCP packet to get that response back to a target server on a service/port that is open, using a protocol that isn't known publicy to be used for a DDoS and you're set. But if work gets out about it you can be sure any security minded person would make fixes to their own systems and networks but some people making heaps just dont know what they are doing and thats where it becomes easier for the person launching an attack.

Bonus points for DDoSing a critial service because they will need time to take the service offline to make any fixes which means more downtime.
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(Saturday, 09-09-2017, 08:50 AM)HelpImUpsideDown Wrote: nginx.
that's voxel mate
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