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Need a new headset help :(

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How do you feel about Steelseries' Arctis 7? A wireless headset with a retractable microphone that isn't crap.

Now usually you'd steer clear when the word "wireless" is paired with "mouse" or "headset" but the Arctis 7's "lag-free" connection actually does live up to it. You'd be getting the most out of your money with this one.

Somethin' cheaper that's still good would be the HyperX Cloud Stinger. Pretty basic with a good mic and great sound.
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I have HyperX Cloud II's, I paid $160 for em at my local JB HI FI and they are extremely comfy and don't hurt your ears during and after a long ass game sesh. Sound quality is great, lightweight, volume control thingy has a 7.1 surround thing so if you like that you can change it.
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^^ I have those headphones! Great headphones!
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If you want the sexiest pair of headphones known to man, get the Cloud II Gunmetal's, they are the most premium headset I have ever owned, what comes with them is ABOVE AVERAGE sound quality and mic quality, which is what you would expect from a pair of gaming headphones.

What's a shame with Kingston is they have focused on new, and original ideas such as the Revolvers and Stinger that recently come out which have the same or slightly better audio quality but ship completely different designs which are arguably disappointing, what I'm hoping is they release the Cloud III ASAP. If you are okay with waiting a year or two that is, I am keeping my Cloud's till then :)


Hyperx cloud 2 is good for games such as pubg, csgo, h1z1 and rust
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get headphones + mic you fools
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(Monday, 31-07-2017, 05:14 PM)Frankie Wrote: get headphones + mic you fools

u get a mic u random
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I've had a pair of Plantronics GameCom 780 for about 5 years now. They show no signs of damage and are still incredibly comfortable.
The fact these headphones have survived on my, a vivid headphone thrower, is amazing.
They are also an older model, therefore making them quite cheap compared to other headsets.


Arctis 3/5 is where it's at, same drivers are the Arctis 7 but alot cheaper, should set you back around 120 but it's completely worth it. Lows and Highs are nice and clear, soundstage is kind of cramped but nothing too awful, and comfort is 10/10 with this ski band thing they've got going. Most recent purchase I don't regret tbqh.

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