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ExplodeThePenguins' Admin Application


Steam name: ExplodeThePenguins

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60857640

Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081981009

Have you donated?: Back in 2015 I have had previously donated $50, but as of 2017, not yet.

Do you have experience with Jailbreak?: Yes I have a bit over 270 hours of time on Jailbreak (this includes time with my other aliases)

Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes and here they are:

~You must be a likable person. This is up for the community to decide and I hope this is true.

~You must have played for a minimum of 60 hours on Poseidon's Jailbreak server. Yes, over 270 hours.

~You must be calm and know how to handle Stressful situations. Yes, I am able to handle my self in these situations.

~You must understand the chain of command. Yes, I understand to always listen to Admins, and the Manager of Jailbreak (R.E.L.is the highest in-command.

~You must understand that you may not get Administrator. Yes and I am completely fine with this.

~You must understand the rules of Jailbreak. Yes I have read the MOTD multiple times and have in-depth knowledge of the glossary as well. I will also be one of the first people to know if there is a new rule as I am active on the Jailbreak forums.

Age: 16

Short description on yourself:
Hi my name is Lewis (although you can just call me Explode, Penguins or ExplodeThePenguins) my age is 16, I am currently doing year 11 at a high school in South Australia (as it is where I live). I am a nice and like to help out people whenever I can, I have met and made quite a bit of friends while playing on Poseidon Jailbreak. I had discovered Poseidon Jailbreak in 2015 when I had bought Garry's Mod and had not played much back then but on different Poseidon servers where I mostly played on Deathrun back then but since late 2016 I had come back and have been playing a lot of Poseidon Jailbreak. Whenever a player asks for help I always tell them what they need to do, what keys to press and the rules about that. I always listen to Admins when they give out commands and have made friends with a couple of Admins and Trusteds on the server. I have always try to be creative as warden (when I am not sick) and always know the responsibility as guard and warden, and I would know the responsibility of Admin if I am given the privileged and responsibility of the role.

I hope this is considered and reading this has been worth your time, thank you.
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Personally I find explode as a nice and helpful friend and he is a great candidate for admin. +1
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+1 great penguin and follows rules
the only yellow person
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