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Murder Ban Appeal

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~ Steam name:Jack Sparrow

~ Steam ID: (Type status in console within gmod to find)STEAM_0:1:123773240
~ Game mode:Murder
~ RP Name: (if applicable)N/A

~ Ban Reason:Metagaming
~ Banned by: Does Not Say
~ Length of ban: Permenant
~ Your Evidence: Well I dont have anything in terms of evidence But i don't see how i could have been banned for metagaming i was just having a lovely Game with my friend the only contact we had with each other is Telling each other who we ere at the end of the game like Ha i was the murderer Here with times 7:18 PM - Jack Sparrow: Yeah i was

7:19 PM - Jack Sparrow: Who were you?

7:19 PM - Solar_Silver: I was a bystander
7:20 PM - Jack Sparrow: Ah Well i won so GET REKT SCRUB

~ Reason you want to be unbanned:Well you see me and my friend were just playing together THAT DOES NOT FOOKIN MEAN WE WERE METAGAMING PLEASE Explain to me how i broke any rules by playing wit hmy friend lik WTF


Change colour please, its difficult to read.
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Admins have specific tools to tell whether you're metagaming. I suppose the fact that you were sending steam messages to a friend in the server set off some alarms.
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Hi Jack,

I was the admin that banned you for meta gaming. With the various resources I have, I made a conclusion (with agreement from other staff present) that you were meta gaming. I made this conclusion for the following reasons:

-The first round I took interest in you and your friend, you seemed to always be together (which can be completely normal).

-The next round I spectated your friend after you were murdered, and I noticed that he somehow knew who the murderer was after he changed his skin. He did not have any evidence (not seeing the knife nor finding the dead body the skin was from, in fact he stayed on top of a truck in the middle of the map when he randomly knew who it was), so I kind of suspicious and watched you some more.

-The following round (after PR) I seen the same exact thing, except after you called out the murderer (after he changed his skin) the murderer went to change his skin again (from an undiscovered body) and somehow you called sus on him instantly and you were telling the gunman to shoot him.

After reviewing this with the other staff on the server, I concluded you were metagaming.


I will +1 to reduce if you won't do it again.
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So i was one of the admins that were testing you as we became rather suspicious As Hotline mentioned you and your friend always knew who the murderer was when one of you were dead even when he disguised. So after we ran multiple tests we discussed it and decided that it was Meta-Gaming. +1 if you convince me you'll wont do it again
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-1 hotline provided evidence to why you were banned and metagaming is a permanent ban no matter what. Last time we unbanned a kid for metagaming he didn't learn his lesson and repeated the offence, so sorry no.
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(Monday, 19-06-2017, 08:56 PM)CoolLegion Wrote: 7:19 PM - Jack Sparrow: Who were you?
7:19 PM - Solar_Silver: I was a bystander
7:20 PM - Jack Sparrow: Ah Well i won so GET REKT SCRUB

This is just text which is easily able to be forged, if you were keen that you weren't metagaming via pm's through steam a screenshot would prove your innocence/guiltiness more, as for the post itself you're clearly lying in your appeal which isn't going to help your case out anymore, my verdict for this is a -1, unless you confess to your lies, if not then there's a very slim chance this will get accepted, just to not, don't get aggressive when you're trying to appeal.
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I'll unban tomorow morning unless an admin wants to unban him for me, however you will be heavily watched for further offences of Meta-Gaming. If your friend wishes to be unbanned, he will have to make his own appeal
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