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Art thread


Shameless self promotion for my sad art I make https://www.instagram.com/hythorak/?hl=en
Anyone else make any art?
This is my latest

[Image: FGAkOtm.jpg]
[Image: bd0ec2e871.jpg]


Im more into photography, but I have changed photos so I guess its sorta art.
[Image: 5uCw5vG.png]
[Image: vD2qh1T.png]


[Image: lrofGw0.png]

Wallpaper resolution.

Nah seriously, i tend to try to take pictures of abstract shit and if i can't, take a picture of nice landscape and make it abstract.

[Image: ujEHiGs.jpg]

This is a pic of a window i took in my house with my phone. Don't remember how i did it but if i remember correctly, i was using a snapchat filter and it fucked up so beautifully.
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(((modern art)))

This is now a Renaissance thread
[Image: 1dcb05259d17798429b91883478235b8.jpg]

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