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moderator applications


~ Steam name: MERCHANTDIES

~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018096323/

~ Do you meet the requirements in the pre requisites?: Yes
~ Age:36
~ Do you have a microphone?Yes
~ Do you have any previous experience as staff on Poseidon and/or other Garry's Mod Communities?Yes i'm trusted on both poseidon
  servers SCP Breach and Jailbreak

~ What can you provide to the Poseidon SCP Breach Staff Team that will benefit the community?I belive i can be helpful
Friendly and make fair choices

~ Are you accepting to listen to Admins/Super Admins/Managers despite your personal differences?Yes

~ At any point your rank can be taken away, do you understand?Yes i Agree

~ Do you have any Awarns? If yes, what are they for and how many?No

~ Have you donated?No

~ Why do you believe you deserve this rank?
I'm Well liked  on the server been on for quite a while get on well with other staff and admins I think i can be a real help
and catch other players breaking Rules and do my best to uphold my role and i woun't abuse my power and listen to Admins
and all staff.


You have been on breach for quite sometime now and as what I have seen of you so far, you are more than worthy to get a +1 from me.
Breach: Former Admin (Resigned)
[Image: giphy.gif]


Definite +1 from me. It was about time you applied.
Poseidon ZS: Regular
SCP Breach: Senior Admin

"paulee is cool 2: !reeport"

"Stingy: Herbert suck my fucking 1 mile long cock and drink all my seamon"


+1 fucking responsible as hell and has been on breach since the start of it
SCP-Breach: Super Dumb Admin
SouthAmericanRP Name: Heinz Guderian

[Image: EqualCookedAnole-size_restricted.gif]



7.9k hours on G-mod and counting
Going for the 1-year achievement to signify I truly have no life

Breach: Senior Administrator

[Image: cb2bf1b4dd26065e75ea3834c58f244b.png]


+1 very likable and usually plays things by the book when it comes to rules. He is very active and has been trusted for a very long time. He has told me that due to his lack of power(at the moment) he can only do so much against minges and rule breakers so by giving him more power, he would improve the server quite a bit.
SCP Breach-Moderator
Darkrp Name: Moe Johnson


+1 good meme
  Your Local Communist 

EX-Breach Manager for 15 minutes

Destroyer of Jailbreak


+1 ive known him ever since i played breach
That weaboo guy
Trusted - Breach



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