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[Suggestion] Map Reduction


Considering that the server had been 'refreshed/reset'  the maps should as well. My suggestion is simple. The server should have a maximum amount of maps that would be playable. 

Example: 35 Maps { The server never exceeds that quota } 

25 maps are survival, requiring users to cade and fortify their positions

The remaining 10 would be a mixture between objective and escape maps. 

The amount of maps shouldn't be too high. 

If users want new maps to be added the least 5 popular maps would be removed after x period of time and replaced. Just have a popularity or like +1 thing on the map selection. 

If suggested map is a survival map it would only take up the quota for the 25 survival maps.  

Once you would have the quota, [35, 50 etc] make a thread, list all the maps then have users write their fav [ 25 survival, 10 mixture ETC based on the quota]

Also Blaze you're a dog

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