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Hi hi hiiiiii.


Hey there.

Feel free to say hello to me if you see me in-game, my RP name is Juan Quintero. Be sure to check out the other servers in our community.
anyway it been Juan SIGNING OUT
Best player.


leave before its too late
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DarkRP ex-TRIAL (i resinged was NOT DEMOTED)
credit to aes


Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your stay!

Cut with the memes please kthx bye.
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howdy hope to see you around, I mainly play murder and last stand.
I go pew pew with bans on murder and last stand.

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(Friday, 16-06-2017, 01:09 PM)Cain Wrote:
(Friday, 16-06-2017, 12:36 PM)Rangalishous Wrote:
(Friday, 16-06-2017, 12:33 PM)GoldenGunofSW Wrote: Is "SIGNING OFF" a thing I have to say on here or is it just a meme?

Its a meme, ignore them they're autistic. Welcome to the community!

Hey I'm not autistic, I'm Cain!

Oi don't call autistic people a Cain, that's a horrible thing to do

also welcome to the community make sure to bully Cain at all intervals
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