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Why Airbus should be deleted

Hi there,

Delete ttt_airbus_b3.

Here is why:
- It is cramped: every walkway is small and difficult to maneuver, if you are a traitor it is easy funneling or just straight RDM fest as soon as one person shoots
- It is gay: you can control many different doorways or routes through traitor traps (doors opening / closing) and automated turrets (spawn and otherwise). This makes every round delayed because people can't get to anyone else so all the spectators and other players get bored and leave.
- Its boring: there is nothing special about this map. Every corridor is just a straight line with a very very close quarters bottleneck that spans across multiple floors.

Please delete this map. People who see common sense don't vote for it but its picture and name entice those who don't understand why it is so bad. People legit Mass RDM to get off it quicker and I don't blame them. Traitors throw so that the round ends quicker. It's just a massive RDM shitfest with garbage design, garbage gameplay and hateful players. The only people that have fun are those that know how to activate and use the massive RDMing turrets, no one else does.

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Garbage map I agree
Still, more replacement maps would be nice.

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accepted. @Echotiger do it next time you have a chance plz

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(08-12-2018, 02:54 PM)Dusk Wrote: Garbage map I agree
Still, more replacement maps would be nice.

stupid there's like 10 in my thread about maps
use ur eyes


The map got removed a few days ago. Sorry for any miscommunication. /locked

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