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Nick Bean casually kinda prop blocking PD

~ Game mode: Darkrp
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95783570
~ Reason for ban request: He was just legit prop blocking PD, they had something covering the garage button and that was the only way in or out so civis were unable to enter/exit, also civis were getting trapped inside the stairwell due to this
~ Evidence: (Bans without evidence and fall into a "he said, she said" will be declined.https://youtu.be/0DrSn_iHbEA That is a YT video showing it and the other thingo skip like 30 secs and you should see it

[Image: qG5fdKE.png]

+1. I really dont want someone I actually play DarkRP to be banned for something so stupid, but Nick should know by now not to block a direct path to the vault since he always builds in the PD and makes defences.

And also I'm pretty sure 'I want to be mayor' is not a valid reason anymore due to the mayor having to be voted out or recalled instead of having to be killed. And if it is still valid, well, thats shit as it is a throw away reason just like 'I don't like his laws'.

Steam: Fusion61
DarkRP: Fred Lane

Neutral/leaning to 1+. Don’t get me wrong nick is one of the few cops who put effort into role playing and does a fantastic job of creating a positive environment.

Nick by know should know the building rules as Fred said. But giving a ban longer then 1 week would be way to harsh.

Armenians Of Poseidon

The problem with nick is, he just doesnt listen, no matter what you say be it admin or player

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I can assure you that it wasn't Prop Block, clearly when you can enter through the garage! Clearly stated with signs! and then you all got angry, so it didn't even last 5 minutes because i got rid of it. If you're to lazy to walk through the garage then that is your fault.

Also i never made the button. I Simply made the wall. The Button was made by other Officers.

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... First off I didn’t get angry second of all it was there for about 20, third of all there was no way for us to get in the garage door button was blocked by someone I though they you did it, and if your not going to listen to people that have more experience than you you should expect ban reports for you

[Image: qG5fdKE.png]

Nick had been banned, but with another staff member giving their input (after the report was being discussed) the ban has been lifted. Whilst Nick hadn’t necessarily broken any serious rules, please do take this thread as a catalyst to reflect upon your actions, and how you act around both staff member staff and others in the community. It would be ideal if similar threads didn’t surface regarding you in the coming future.

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