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Staff Applications

Alrighty, now I know this doesnt really concern me, but I heard that the mod applications were closed, so to see who the new mods were, I decided to hop on the server t see who they were. And that was when I found out there were none. Why would you close applications for moderator when there aren't any. Especially when event staff apps are open and they have 3 (visenya, echo, and atlas.)

So after seeing the abysmally low staff count (one head admin and one admin), I decided to see what the staff were doing activity wise. It was here when I was shocked, of everyone I checked, around half or more of all the staff were inactive within the past couple weeks, with a sizeable number not having played much for a month or more.

So the question stands, why are mod apps closed when there is a grand total of 1/2 proper staff members (accounting for inactivity)?

also I want my trusted back, it shouldnt have been removed in the first place.

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I do see how this may concern you. Moderators are not our highest priority right now, and we have some what recently recruited more Event staff, who are currently on their trial period, they are not displayed
on the staff wall in-game but you may view the entire list in the channel descriptions.

There just doesn't seem to be that much of a problem in terms of moderator required duties. The player requested issues are more of an admin/event staff type of thing.
As an ex Moderator of swrp I'm sure you're well aware that if the administrative team is either not online or afk that the Event staff may take the basic claims that may just be
someone being stuck or just have a question. When there is a problem that concerns someone higher ranking than them they do talk to the rest of the staff team about it.
There is very effective communication between us and we hold regular staff meetings every Sunday.

To answer your question about activity of staff. Yes I am not on the Main server as much as I use to. f.blaze, Least Valuable Player and I are spending more time on the development
server and for a good reason to.

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There is a lot of planning going on behind the scenes, as the server does not have a 'stable' population at this current time, more focus is put on the development server. At this current time, I'm happy with event staff being posed as moderators for the time being before we release our next update and improve. Yes some staff are inactive and that's soon going to change. As we prepare for an update (thread coming soon) you'll hopefully see a newer approach and a better focus. There will be some 'training' for staff to ensure that they are able to complete their jobs properly.

As for your question why is moderator applications closed? Simple, our player base at this current time does not require any 'additional' dedicated moderators, event staff should be able to complete any moderator tasks while on the server, as we work to releasing our next update, this will most likely be changing, and we will have more staff hopefully after this.

In terms of your trusted, that will be given once you are on. Let me know and I can do it even if I'm not on the server. THOUGH I am going to do a bit of a spoiler, when this new update comes out, all trusted WILL be wiped. Those who are active will be prioritised if they apply for trusted again, but we will be cutting down on trusted making it a better managed and a much better process..

There's a lot to come, stay up to date with the forums and expect a new thread sometime soon Smile

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