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Sum Incident from a couple nights back.

~ Game mode: DarkRp
~ Steam ID: -Was Unable to get at the time- (Name is Skinner Ismell on DarkRP)
~ Reason for ban request: Prop Spam, Minging
~ Evidence: (Bans without evidence and fall into a "he said, she said" will be declined. 
[Image: 20180808222333_1.jpg][Image: 20180808222307_1.jpg][Image: 20180808222403_1.jpg]  I Know there is very little you can do without a SteamID but just keep an eye out I guess /: (Also Note this was a couple days ago)

Armenians Of Poseidon
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I'll hop on to try and find his Steam ID

Edit: Found His Gametracker, working on the SteamID.

Alright, i've got no luck trying to find his steamid, you can ask any admins for it

[Image: b_560x95.png]

[Image: Majin_Sig_V1.png]

Credit: Hinzy_


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