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Magenta Mod App
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~ Steam name: Magentasteadtler
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48891404
~ Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/magentasteadtler/
~ Have you donated?: No
~ Do you have experience with TTT?: Yes
~ Current server hours: 280 (Gametracker)
~ Current Rank (e.g User, Member, Trusted etc ): Veteran
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes
Age: 18

~ Short description on yourself:
My name is Daniel and I am an old boy of Poseidon servers since around May 2013. I take interests in film, editing and acting and I also dabble in cooking every now and again as a pass time. 

~ Why do you want this rank? 
I want to become a mod again as I have experience being a staff member on the server as I have been mod twice before so I am competent enough to have this role again. Even as a veteran when there are no staff on I take care of the reports for people who rdm or break the rules of the server. I also would like to get mod as when I am usually on there are no staff on and I have incidents of mass rdming, metagaming, etc. and I can't do anything about it and they'll just stay on the server with no one to stop them. I also would like to help out the staff if the server is full and there is only one other staff member on.

Thanks for reading, Magnet Stealer.

+1 I encouraged him to apply.
He has the experience and knowledge. Magenta is super active and is always helping myself when dealing with RDM'ers and Meta-gamers.

[Image: Dusk_Sig_V1.png]

If you're going to constantly be underneath me on the scoreboards, you might as well have a coloured title next to your name so I can find you easier.

Your consistent attitude and social flair would make you a fantastic moderator. So far nothing has shown me that you'd react disproportionately to a situation and I think this is the most important part of the role; to act within reason.

Best of luck on the app, I reckon you'll be good for it.

  • Sometimes a person is so hard to grasp, that you will mistake their complexity for deceit. 
  • Be humble knowing that you'd drown before you learn to tread water; yet it does not count as swimming.
  • If offended by another's lack of reasoning; do not be hypocritical, utilise your own.

Big +1 from me, Magnet is an active player and is great to play with; I definitely believe he’s deserving of the rank, and would be surprised to hear of anyone who disagrees.

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+1 friendly person and will be a great asset as moderator on the staff team.

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Accepted. WElcome to the staff team

I am a born idiot.

Murder Manager
TTT Community Manager
Breach manager????
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