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10 Minute Cool-down Timer

10 Minute Raid 
Cool Down Timer

Description: So basically I had an Idea of a Raid timer to limit people raiding all the time, the Idea is that for each Gang/Thief job, there is a timer for when the last time they raided the Bank/PD, the timer would be when the last time they raided, not every other job. Gangs would have when the last time the Group Member or Leader raided the vault. The Timer would go on for 10 Minutes and they can't raid (Literally can't) for 10 Minutes. The timer would also be displayed on their Screen so they don't go inside, Kill everyone and then find the cool down is active.

Alternate Idea: Instead of all that, the Cool down can be 10 Minutes and it's the same for every thief/Gang job. For example, if a Thief raided the PD/Bank, the cool down for every Gang/thief would be the same. It'd also be displayed on their screen the cool down.

  • Can help enforce the "10 Minute" raid Rule
  • Good Counter-Raids can take place
  • Less painful for the PD/Bank to deal with raids every few seconds
  • Cons are basically Criticism so I'll leave up to you all to list them.

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+1 Absolutely, it may encourage people to actually roleplay a raid wisely instead of the usual massacre people call "raids". It'll also give the Police Force time to recuperate from raids, which are often an endlessly onslaught of carnage the Police Force have no hope in resisting.

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+1 Im sick of the PD/Bank getting raided every minute and it would be good for RP

+1. This will solve tons of problems

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Credit: Hinzy_

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Whilst there are rules in place (and most people are well aware) that prohibit constantly raiding the PD, bank, or another base, there’s nothing really stopping someone from unknowingly raiding the PD immediately after someone else and slaughtering all the cops who are just trying to recoup from the last spastic to run down those halls with an M249. Would definitely be a huge help to staff, raiders, and the Police/Banker for people to have a visual representation of how long it has been since the last raid and when they can raid again. I offhandedly suggested it in the Discord, and I’ll repeat here, that the timer could be located on the wall of the PD lobby/bank, which could avoid cluttering the screen’s of criminal roles whilst still letting people know a raid just happened before they slaughter all the pigs like pigs (´∀`)

tl;dr yes please good suggestion +1 nyaa~

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+1 this would help criminal roles out immensely when planning for a raid

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+1 This would be a fantastic System. Maybe a Timer for Both Bank and PD could be placed under the Utime Tab on the Right Top Corner?

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