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Servers List
Teamspeak Online 4/128
DarkRP Online 7/60
CloneWarsRP Online 3/80
Jailbreak Online 0/38
Deathrun Online 0/32
TTT Online 1/32
Zombie Survival Online 0/42
Prop Hunt Online 0/24
Murder Online 0/24
Cinema Online 0/60
SCP Breach Online 0/60
Bunny Hop Online (2) 3/24
    We currently have 18 players on 12 servers


Map: ttt_minecraft_redux_night

Server owner

Server buddy list
Tyger -=ST=- ReMiX Monkey fRONTEZ Small Arms! lady baguette 22x

General Information
Server name: Poseidon Servers | Murder (Pointshop, Loot, FastDL, Jukebox)
Status: Online
Type: Garry's Mod
Players: 0
Slots: 24
Percent players: 0 %
Map: ttt_minecraft_redux_night
Record players: 24
Last update: Wednesday, 21-02-2018 02:29 PM. Next update for: 4 Minutes, 22 Seconds.

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