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  Welcome to tatooine Ladys!
Posted by: Norikon - 2 hours ago - Replies (1)


Posted by: Chris - 3 hours ago - Replies (14)

~ Steam name: Chris (also known as Yolocaust)
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:78987201
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198118240131/
~ Have you donated?: In the past
~ Do you have experience with Jailbreak?: Plenty
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yis
~ Age: 15

~ Short description on yourself:

Hi. I'm Chris. I play on Poseidon a lot and I've been in this community for a pretty long time. For three years I've been an on and off regular on Jailbreak and it's where I've spent most of my Gmod hours. I've got experience moderating servers, including other jailbreak servers as well as DarkRP and Murder (not like a did a good job there anyway). For some reason I've started to play this god forsaken server again and I actually seem to be enjoying it. Huh. Well, I'd like to be admin on this server as I believe I could be a good help around with my experience. Hope to see all of you retards on soon xoxo

  Remove rifleman
Posted by: Royalty Free Music - 4 hours ago - Replies (9)

Rifleman is the shittest map no joke, if it gets selected literally nothing happens and free days and massies run rampant.
Delet rifleman

  Stevo(Rusty at this) Staff report.
Posted by: Norikon - 5 hours ago - Replies (65)

~ Game mode: SWRP 
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52828629
~ Reason for demote request: Inability to listen to reason, Powerplaying in a malicious way as staff, threatening to abuse his powers, Using powers for personal grudge.

~ Evidence:

Basicly after thorne complained about the ee-3 we decided to test it, so i made a video

Pretty clear proof right? 
Apparently not so after continuously asking about it and him locking  my thread about it (With no reason but: Post it in  hunters thread that was already talking about it, so i reposted it into there but it was than deleted without reason, seriously what the fuck?
and he locked his thread about the events that i was critiquing. next day i ask him about that, he says that "if you want to talk about it go and talk to a admin privatly" even though its fucking clearly a community problem not just admins 
(and i also tried to add him to talk about it but he didn't accept 

then Today i was talking to  him in ooc about the ee-3 he said that video was not clear proof, saying i aimed at the leg in the video i said "are you blind?"
 then he Brings me and yells at me saying if you keep this up calling me "blind and a retard" ill kick you,
i personally don't recall calling him a retard, atleast not in public.  i have video proof of the text chat and him bringing me to talk to me, but i didn't record audio (Fucking shadowplay) 

but i think that stevo is a very angry guy, who is NOT fit to lead a star wars RP server, let alone his understand of lore seems to be absolutely garbage... and i know for sure that many people feel the same as i do about stevo,
so if you have a opinion or more proof/report on him post it here don't be afraid to speak up about it.

  Gummy's Moderator Application *Updated*
Posted by: Gummy - 6 hours ago - No Replies

~ Steam name: Gummy

~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:192837186
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/GummyAQ3D/
~ Have you donated?: No
~ Do you have experience with Prop Hunt?: Yes
~Have you been banned previously? If so why? No
~ Do you meet the requirements in the pre requisites?: Yes
~ Age: 17

~ Short description on yourself:
as an owner of 3 server on discord i have a year worth of experience with dealing with certain types of situations. i would love to dedicat myself to this server and lead a helping hand.

  vote no would you smash?
Posted by: aes - 8 hours ago - Replies (5)


Posted by: aes - 8 hours ago - Replies (1)

fuck n i g ghee ayes HHHHHHHH dd ddddddddddd

Posted by: aes - 8 hours ago - No Replies

n eye gee gee aye

  卐Literally Hitler卍
Posted by: ExplodeThePenguins - Yesterday, 01:42 PM - Replies (1)

hey its ya boi explode hear
it is hitler
[Image: oZSU9ok.gif]

  Free Shit
Posted by: Rangalishous - Yesterday, 09:37 AM - Replies (6)

Outlast is free on humble bundle right now, go pick it up. 

They've got a pretty big sale going and theres some good shit there, have a look. 5% of its for charity so you can buy games and feel like youre doing something to help the world

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