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Big Grin weeaboojenkins Application
Posted by: weeaboojenkins - 2 hours ago - Replies (4)

~ Steam name: weeaboojenkins
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:196946173
~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354158075/
~ Have you donated?: I donated $10 and willing to donate more!
~ Do you have experience with TTT?: I have played it for more then 20 hours on another server completely oblivious that Poseidon had TTT 
~ Current server hours: I have 4 hours and 35 minutes not counting that Im playing TTT right now
~ Current Rank (e.g User, Member, Trusted etc ): Right now I am just a user because like i said before i was oblivious to the fact Poseidon had a TTT server
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: 
Age: 11

~ Short description on yourself:
[I am an 11 year old Intermediate student that loves playing Gmod because it is creative,fun and you can basically do whatever you want and servers make Gmod even better!, I love making new friends and i accept almost every friend request i get just as long as the person is nice, not toxic and friendly towards people. I am play Gmod almost everyday and i am social friendly even though i get a little bit salty sometimes I usually just deal with it. Poseidon Servers was the first ever server i played on. I used to play DarkRP every single day and have many hours on it.]

~ Why do you want this rank? 
[I want to earn rank because i look up to the mods and admins on these servers because they help everyone out and make Poseidon a better place to be and they make Gmod much more fun to play :). They are willing to help out anyone with a problem and always put a smile on peoples faces (and frowns on the RDMers) as i said before Poseidon was the very first server i ever played on and it will always be special to me. I  always wanted to be a Mod/Admin on a server (the only place im mod is on my Discord server :p) and i want this to be the server i achieve my dream on. Another reason i want to be Mod on this server is because i see Mods and Admins everywhere solving problems and I have always wondered how to be a Moderator. I have been searching for a couple of months now and I figured out that is had to sign up on the website XD. I also want this rank because sometimes people get toxic just because i am a kid i want if i get this rank it will prove that it doesn't affect the game depending on how old you are we are all the same. If I do not get accepted to be Moderator i will try to help in anyway i can. So here i am applying for Moderator after months of research.

Thank you for reading this Application I will always play on Poseidon. :)

Smile My application. -Hellcase
Posted by: Hellcase - 2 hours ago - Replies (4)

How much for admin.

  [TTT] croz and crsby ban appeal
Posted by: croz - 5 hours ago - Replies (5)

Steam name: croz and crsby (two accounts, both mine)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:126040254
Game mode: TTT

Ban reason: At first it was karma ban then it was bypassing existing ban
Banned by: Server
Length of ban: At first it was three days (karma ban) then it was a perm ban (bypass ban)
Your evidence: Nil

Reason I would like to be unbanned:  I was just kinda dicking around with some new mates I made on the server and shot them one too many times without really knowing about karma bans. I then thought "Oh no problemo, I'll just go make a new account and share my games to it so I can continue having fun. I go through this process and then suddenly get smacked in the face with a permanent ban on both accounts. I believe that attempting to bypass a three day ban by using an alt account resulting in a permanent ban on both accounts is pretty excessive and unfair. It was never explained to me that attempting to bypass an existing ban results in a perm ban. This is an essential part of information that is left out of the ban screen and never pointed out.

  Trusted Application
Posted by: Don Hon - 5 hours ago - No Replies

~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): MrPotatoHead

~RPName: Don Hon
~Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119518682/
~Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79626477
~Any Donations? No 

~Why you want this rank: I want this rank as im finding it hard to make a bass after the server crashed, I would use stacker and dupes I dont have many hrs but will hopefuly get more, getting the rank will also improve the quality of my bases making them cleaner and more ocd freindly. Could blabble on all day about this but its not worth it is not worth it as I find it a yes or no answer as im stright to the point
~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: Build better bases that will help my miner ocd, not spend as much time making a base being able to rp sooner

~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No]

  Please add radios
Posted by: Don Hon - 6 hours ago - Replies (1)

Please add a radio that you can use inside your base and or a DJ class 
-Thank you

  Addons request
Posted by: ItsJoshuaS - 10 hours ago - Replies (5)

(Purchasable playermodel)
Walter white
(Purchasable playermodel)

(Purchasable Playermodel)

Obese males:
(Purchasable playermodels)


Anime models (optional):

Steve is anime

Hatsune miku




Rem and ram

Lmg buff:
Buff lmg damage

  Remove black ops
Posted by: Alpha Matt - 10 hours ago - Replies (3)

Black ops lags the server and always ends in the server crashing. 

Also, change the map that the server starts on from mars to snowy nights.

  ok then
Posted by: Robin - 10 hours ago - Replies (15)

I'm aware that everyone makes mistakes and shit but someone should tighten the leash on all blue bois in general. Already putting this shit in shitposting because it's gonna get moved there or turn into shitposting:

Quote:On a side note: People saying that there could be access given to people who are trusted in the community, who would they be? The only people who would be useful would have to know the rules of the forums to a high enough extent and be actively involved, knowledgeable and aware of most of what goes on daily. These people do exist... they are called forum mods.

but also...

and when not shit faced...
Quote:I didn't actually get a warn at the time- I didn't get one at all. I got told after by someone, I think Fergus or Tyger to log off for the night and I did.

Couldn't be arsed getting stuff of most forum mods because lets be honest nothing is gonna come from talking about this but its fun having the illusion that there is.

EDIT: Also don't know how to quote person I just know how to quote.

  HOTH MAP - Suggestions Thread
Posted by: ArcHammer - 10 hours ago - Replies (2)

Hey all,

Hopefully most of you know that I'm working on a map to be used on the server. This map is a huge map extending to the map limits. It consists of a surface and an underground base. The surface is snowy and just terrain. The underground base is meant to appear as an aged Republic facility beneath the surface.
It is to have all of the equivalent rooms that the Venator has, so that there may be deployments to this planet and we can continue to revisit this map and keep perma-props and offices furnished, like the Kamino map already has for instance.
Battles can be had in the underground base as well as the huge surface. The map can also be any ice planet, not just Hoth, as there is nothing specifically ‘Hoth’ about this planet other than the snowy surface.
TL;DR I'm making a map for the server and it has an underground base + a planetary surface, designed for deployments as well as one-off events.

View of the underground base (what's completed of it so far, anyway)
[Image: jzlDb3i.png]

It's going ahead at a good rate but before I continue I want to do a big ol' ideas thinktank on this google doc here:

Please read the document and make suggestions in the suggestions area of the doc. These are all 'comments' that I can view and reply to etc.
If you want your dream map, and you want a direct line of communication to the mapper so this map can be great, use the doc and suggest things. Additions, edits, improvements, ideas. This is something people don't normally get, but because this map is being tailor-made to this server, it means it can be perfect for all situations.

Thanks everyone.

Posted by: Rick sanchez - Yesterday, 08:50 PM - Replies (22)

~ Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/doyouknowdewai/
~ Game mode:DARK RP

~ Ban Reason: threatening a ex-staff member with ddos
~ Banned by: HIGS ASHI
~ Length of ban:perma
~ Your Evidence i havnt got any evedence but i was sick of being abused by higs who is now no longer with you guys and i would like to appeal this ban for which i have changed alot since i was banned almost 2 years ago please unban me and i will rp alot more proper please i request that you unban me so i can talk rp and have fun
~ Reason you want to be unbanned: i am sick of all the other servers that dont have the plugins i like  and i have chnaged alot since i was banned last please unban me

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