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  Late night minges
Posted by: Zubzeii - 3 hours ago - Replies (2)

~ Game mode: DarkRP
~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:122163405: Trevor Dickins STEAM_0:1:55969563: Nanachi Uki. Harry Woods STEAM_0:0:15423477
~ Reason for ban request: Mass RDM | Textscreen abuse | Threats to alt
~ Evidence: https://youtu.be/x7OUKvOcr3Y

  Jinx's ARC Donation Application
Posted by: EnchantedJinx - 4 hours ago - No Replies

What are you donating for? (Regiment, Squad, Jedi, Basic Package SELECT ONE): Regiment

What are your in-game credentials?: 6236 Jinx

How long have you been playing the server for?: A little while now i wants to say 6-7 months 

Provide links/google doc link to the content (Skins, Gadgets) you intend to use for your regiment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aORVyt8hi73zei-WpNndxWPPflk0hJlCZ2xDrR3EQWs/edit?usp=sharing

Provide evidence that the squad/regiment is lore-friendly: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/ARC

Why do you believe that you are fit for leading a regiment?: I have had plenty of experience leading regiments, i helped in the running of medcorps during my time there under battalion commander Ethanola. My hard work was noticed and i was shortly voted to be the new commander of 5th fleet which i revived and ran for about two months before electing to be replaced by one of my best trained officers, for the good of all my other troops. Im currently acting as an advisor to my replacement in the MJR position. Although i did give up 5th as i couldn't be as active as i would have liked at the time, I do still miss the feeling of responsibility and achievement that comes running your own regiment. before 5th fleet as i was climbing the ranks of medcorps i was also accepted into the ranks of ARC under general Grom (jerry) so i did get some insight into how arc was run back then and obviously i was informed about how the new arc would be run. I think the two different styles of ARC did have the pros and cons and i believe if i use my knowledge to combine the two systems i could create a new and exciting ARC for everyone to enjoy. Lastly i have been part of the community for some time now and during this time i feel that i have gathered the necessary experience and insight into how people run their regiment as well as what makes a good and a bad regiment, i think i could use said insight and experience in the running of my own new regiment to create something that is fun for all its members and adds to the overall positive experience playing on the server. 

Who do you intend to be your 2IC/Major?: Papastallin, possibly 

How active do you believe you are?: I currently hop on the server everyday that it is possible to do so (which is usually everyday) with the exception of the few times im either working all day or too tired from working all day.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ARC application 
Kind regards Jinx

  The Reason Why I Haven't Been on the server
Posted by: KILSTREAK_KING_OFFICAL - 6 hours ago - Replies (1)

Hello guy's it's me Roger if you haven't seen me on the server for awhile is because my laptop is shit and it won't let me onto the server at all so please don't ban me for being inactive on the server.

Kind Regards ROGER

  SneakySirens Miod App
Posted by: SneakySirens - Yesterday, 04:34 PM - Replies (7)

~ Steam Name (And any other Steam Names you used on the server): SneakySirens (Only name currently)

~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198285122892/
~ Steam ID STEAM_1:0:162428582
~ Do you meet the requirements in the pre requisites?: Im Likeable And can handle hard situations 

~ Do you have any Awarns? If yes, what are they for and how many? 

~ Do you have a minimum of 24 hours on the server? (Check in-game top right of screen) I have 12 but im on as often as possible

~ Why do you believe you deserve this rank?
 I think i deserve this rank because im fun happy helpful and ive helped about 3 servers in the 200+ hours on gmod i hope this server will accept me in my attempt to help and change the server into the better, Popular place it deserves to be and become.

Situational Questions:

~ A user has come on, and RDM'd 1 person blatantly in a round. What do you do. Answer: Its One Rdm so its not mass and a warn but if they continue it becomes a ban.

~ A user has just joined the server and immediatly RDM's the MTF team upon spawning as a security gaurd, the user explains that they didn't

understand how the gamemode works and is very apologetic towards the players he RDM'd and the admins. Well the WHOLE MTF team is a lot so that's mass and it at least a day ban.

~ A user comes on and starts making racial slurs and being sexist to other server users, You ask them to stop but they don't, what do you do? Awnser: Its Racism And Sexism they deserve ban From 1 week to perma for Racism and sexism

  ITT: We post our lifetime fortnite stats and compare e-penner sizes
Posted by: Freaky - Yesterday, 02:45 PM - Replies (11)

Go to https://fortnitetracker.com and type in your Epic Games username and then click on your platform PC/PS4/Xbox.

Take a snap of your lifetime stats on the right side of the page and leave a link to your stats page below and flex on nibbas

[Image: 85d6bbf6e77cdf606ef50f2e5f165d7c.png]

Posted by: Lizzy - Yesterday, 02:17 PM - Replies (13)

Opinions on the new update

  been Inactive My bad
Posted by: Impulse - Yesterday, 12:18 PM - Replies (7)

Sorry, everyone, mostly my regiment and Jones sorry for not being there to run and lead the regiment, I have been really inactive lately and I plan on coming back and improving my activity.
I just had a lot of shit going on outside of Gmod and I also just really needed a break from the server for a bit (lost too many brain cells)
Gotta start being a commander again and do my job so you should start seeing me on a lot more now and I'm gonna start to run events again. 

Love your boy Deviss

Da-Viss Clan return

  ITT: One hit wonders
Posted by: Pedil - Yesterday, 10:41 AM - Replies (11)

Post songs by bands/artists that are literally one hit wonders
Obviously use common sense and don't post dumb boring classical shit or something lame like that, has to have had a decent amount of popular success. Also feel free to post and disagree with what certain people say are one hit wonders. For example, Franz Ferdinand is mainly known for his song 'Take Me Out' but there are some other songs in that albums that are bangers.

Anyways, to get us started, here's the definition of a one hit wonder - this band is pretty much only known because of this song and I've never seen a live performance on YouTube (for example) by another one of their songs unless I went looking for it.

  Server is fucked
Posted by: Zubzeii - Yesterday, 09:13 AM - Replies (5)

I joined this morning to rp and the server isnt working you spawn in with a null error and you cant access your inventory if any high staff can hop on to fix

Rainbow which server is the most dead?
Posted by: Hinzy_ - Friday, 16-03-2018, 10:16 PM - Replies (12)


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