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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: GoldenGunofSW - 4 hours ago - No Replies

~ Steam name: MrSWRook
~ Steam ID: 
~ Game mode: Murder
~ RP Name: None, the RP name changes.

~ Ban Reason: N/A
~ Banned by: N/A
~ Length of ban: Permanently 
~ Your Evidence: I have no clue why I was banned. I just wanted to go and play on my favourite Murder server when I get greeted with a ban that explains nothing.  
[img][Image: 1582ljo.jpg][/img]

~ Reason you want to be unbanned:
I have no clue what I did wrong. I just wanted to hop onto my favourite Murder server and then I was greeted with an unexplainable permenant ban. I am shocked as to why this happened. But, if I did do anything wrong, I am sorry for what I did and I wish to continue playing onto my favourite Murder server.

  Steam Sale Megathread
Posted by: Frankie - 5 hours ago - Replies (4)

Steam Sale begins 4 hours from this post and will run for 3 weeks. Refrain discussion to this thread to prevent flooding, please send me games.

  louis griffin adams
Posted by: aes - 6 hours ago - No Replies

unbenji lui he didn do anything wrong all he did was respect women since 2017 and 2015

  JaTheBest123 Introduction
Posted by: JaTheBest123 - 6 hours ago - Replies (2)

Hi, Everybody! My name is JaTheBest123 and I've started to play on Poseidon's TTT server. I visited a few years ago once but never really got into it. I hope I become an active member and help the community.

  Team 10
Posted by: fRONTEZ - 7 hours ago - Replies (5)


Need more recruitments for Remix's new CS:GO team

  How to get pregnat?
Posted by: Napoleon - 7 hours ago - Replies (2)

Recently my boyfriend shook my hand and I feel sick now. Am I pregnat? #askyahoo

  Reverse Hide and Seek Day edit
Posted by: Danny - 10 hours ago - Replies (6)

Over the last couple days people have been complaining about how in the glossary it is stated that guards are only allowed to use fists and batons during reverse hide and seek, although over the time I've been on the server we've always always played that the guards can use secondaries.

I request that the glossary is updated to stop people complaining.

  Petition to add this emoticon to the forums
Posted by: Perrin - Yesterday, 05:08 PM - Replies (12)

[Image: xoXZSuG.png]

Posted by: Cinco Mayo - Yesterday, 09:07 AM - Replies (3)

Yo free my nigga LUI ADAMS he just wanted to tell everyone that S P O N G E B O B I S B E T T E R

  My Inactivity
Posted by: TheShaunBoi - Yesterday, 08:23 AM - Replies (4)

Sorry, I haven't been active recently my computer broke 2 days ago, and when I get the chance to play I lag a lot, I don't know if its fixed yet people have been saying its the Accessories that may be causing it just wanted to keep you updated on whats happening and why I have been inactive.

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