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Tuesday, 04-10-2016
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Hyper's Signature
CWRP: LT, Doom's Unit, Talon Squad. 14/8/16-15-01-17 - Trusted
IMRP: PVT Hyper.
Dark RP: Hyper Herondale
HL2RP: Head Admin
Poseidon: Senior Member 11/8/16-

I procrastinate about everything.

"I thought guarding was fun?" - CPL Hyper 2016

"Can I have your ID Sir?" - Hyper
"Never been asked before." - ARC Member
"Just do /me Shows ID .-." -Hyper
"/me Shows ID, Talon Squad isn't even security.." - ARC Member.

That ARC Member took 5 minutes to do that...He was a CPT...